Creating Inclusive Communities: Babson MBA Students Help Create Spaces for Connection

Side-by-side portraits of Andrew Ajao and Radhika Kasera

When Andrew Ajao MBA’24 and Radhika Kasera MBA’24 enrolled at Babson College, both knew they wanted to make an impact on the school’s culture and sought out opportunities that would allow them to drive real change.  

Ajao, originally from Nigeria, hoped to support other Black students and create opportunities for sharing experiences and building networks. He describes himself as personally committed to supporting, mentoring, and advocating for inclusivity and growth on campus.  

Kasera shares a similar commitment to supporting her community, though her goals were even more specific: to help at least five women achieve their goals related to their entrepreneurial journey during her time as a student.   

It’s no surprise that these students were both drawn to roles in the Frank & Eileen™ Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (F&E CWEL).

Ajao served as a research assistant supporting the Diana International Research Institute (DIRI), helping to drive forward the institute’s initiatives and bring the Diana International Research Conference to life. Kasera served as a project manager for F&E CWEL’s Innovative Learners Programs, coordinating mentorship opportunities and connecting students with top industry professionals.  

Andrew Ajao MBA’24 

Andrew Ajao poses for a portrait
Andrew Ajao MBA’24 helped coordinate F&E CWEL’s monthly Researchers Roundtable as a research assistant supporting the Diana International Research Institute.

Ajao began working with F&E CWEL in November 2022, just a few months after coming to Babson. Prior to beginning his MBA program, Ajao spent multiple years in the finance industry, both in his home country of Nigeria and in the Boston area, with a focus on small and medium businesses. This experience gave him a unique point of view and understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs face, making him an asset to F&E CWEL. 

“I have seen firsthand the power of providing opportunities to underrepresented groups,” Ajao said. “Whether it’s helping someone get financing to get a small business off the ground or offering mentorship to a student trying to find their place on campus, that support and access can be transformative for people and their communities.” 

Throughout his time with F&E CWEL, Ajao helped coordinate its monthly Researchers Roundtable program, which brings researchers from around the world together to discuss the issues women entrepreneurs face and offer support. This experience gave him an even closer view of the power of mentorship and community, inspiring him to look for opportunities to create communities of his own. 

At Babson, he was actively involved in building connections for Black students, organizing social events for Black students and alumni intended to create a space for sharing experiences and building networks. He also supported the student admissions process, helping to recruit and guide new students through their admissions journey, and supporting them as they adjusted to their new life in Boston and at Babson. Back home in Nigeria, he created a mentorship program for secondary school students.  

Radhika Kasera MBA’24 

Radhika Kasera poses for a portrait
Radhika Kasera MBA’24 supported and facilitated multiple initiatives in her role as a project manager for F&E CWEL’s Innovative Learners Programs.

In her role at F&E CWEL, Kasera supported and facilitated initiatives that elevate women leaders. Her role included aiding the Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab® accelerator for women entrepreneurs and supporting the mentorship program that connects students with top industry professionals, which she helped expand to include opportunities for graduate students.  

“As a graduate assistant, I have been the ears and eyes of the graduate women to F&E CWEL,” Kasera said. “I have been collecting feedback from the students to the office in order to enhance their experience.”  

This past semester, Kasera spearheaded the return of the Babson Women Connect conference, which was last held in 2019. Kasera revamped the entire marketing strategy for the conference, resulting in a larger-than-usual audience.  

She and her team also coordinated a “speed dating”-style networking session that was a collaboration between F&E CWEL and the Babson Women in Business Graduate Club, of which Kasera was president. Club members work to build a community and create a platform where women leaders can feel comfortable and find support at Babson and beyond. Earlier this year, Kasera served as the face of the club at the Enterprising Women’s Conference in Orlando, Florida, where she led a session called, “Tapping Into your Superpower: Empowering Women Entrepreneurial Leaders.” 

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