Babson Ventures Accelerate Online in Summer Catalyst

Summer Catalyst

Summer Catalyst is a new, virtual program that will allow students to build entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, provide resources, tools, and expert connections, and help accelerate their businesses.

The inaugural cohort of 16 ventures span diverse industries, including health and wellness, education, consumer goods, and technology, and represent some of Babson’s most promising graduate and undergraduate student startup teams. Notably, one-third of the ventures have dedicated social impact missions or goals.

Supported by The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship, Summer Catalyst shares similarities with the Blank Center’s award-winning Summer Venture Program (SVP) and incorporates many of its best-known elements like Hot Seat pitching sessions and dedicated advisors, but will be delivered online.

“Each summer, the Blank Center works with a talented, motivated cohort of Babson student entrepreneurs to help them move their businesses forward exponentially. This summer will be no exception, and we will think and act entrepreneurially to bring the best of Summer Venture Program alive in this new virtual format,” said Blank Center Executive Director Debi Kleiman.

Meet This Year’s Ventures

  • Activly – Anna Bilha ’21, Sarah Tarta ’20
  • AVANTI – Alexander Fantappie ‘21
  • BONAMI FOOD PRODUCTS – Felix Guelfucci MS’20, Raed Attia MS’20, Mikel Badiola MS’20
  • Cabana Health – MacBrennan Peet ’22, Tom Liu, Brown University ’22
  • CNF/Rhinno Industries (TBD) – Wenlin Wu ’21, FengYi Zhou ’20, Bruce Dietzen
  • Disliz – Pablo Uribe Haghenbeck MBA’21
  • Idle System – Andi Deng ‘20
  • Leue Home – Juan Leon M’20, Sebastian Wiesner, Universidad del Azuay
  • LIT Learning Inc. – Mati Amin MS’20, Chelsea Clater
  • Mai Soli Foundation – Aria Mustary ’21, Aaron Wendell ’20, Glen Ged ’21, Amanda Rodante ’21
  • MATR – Padraig M. Duna MBA’21, Tom Coughlan
  • ReServe – Mild (Waranchalee Suwanpimolkul) MBA’21, William Barber MBA’21, Plern (Chanisorn) Kasemsuth MBA’21
  • Sentinel – Dan Edlebeck MBA’20, Humam Malas, Tom David, Tony Stark
  • TicketRev – Jason Shatsky ’21, Andrew Duca
  • Unfabricated – Prabaarja Bedi MBA’20, Rachna Bedi
  • VADATI, LLC – Sree Dasari ’23, Liam Clancy

Information on each venture is available on the Blank Center’s website.

Summer Catalyst Programming

Throughout 10 weeks, students will work with their advisors, learn from expert speakers, engage with their cohort, and participate in Hot Seat sessions, skill-building workshop, office hours, and much more.

For the first time, the Blank Center will offer students an option to participate in the program for academic credit.

Summer Catalyst will be directed by startup and leadership expert and investor Bob Stringer. David Chang, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Beth Goldstein, Babson adjunct lecturer and marketing consultant, and Eric Braun, Sr. Director of Innovation at Retail Business Services, a subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize , will comprise the team of advisors.

Summer Catalyst will begin on June 1 and end on August 7. At the culmination of the program, the Blank Center will hold a virtual demo day open to all to watch on Thursday, August 6.

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