Author: Eric Beato

Eric Beato
Eric Beato
Eric Beato is the Editor of Babson Magazine. A native of Chicago and a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Eric has worked as an editor and writer at newspapers across the country, including the Boston Herald and Chicago Sun-Times. Most recently, he was Managing Editor of six regional sports publications, including New England Hockey Journal, New England Baseball Journal and New England Soccer Journal.
Interdisciplinary Research Takes Center Stage
Interdisciplinary Research Takes Center Stage » Babson Faculty Research Day highlights interdisciplinary approach and accelerates connections and collaborations for further research opportunities.
How Babson Dining Could Help Save New England’s Dairy Farms
How Babson Dining Could Help Save New England’s Dairy Farms » By winning the New England Food Vision Prize, Babson College is helping a local farm expand to making mozzarella cheese to increase locally sourced food and engage faculty and students.