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We Need More Women in Finance
We Need More Women in Finance » Diverse work environments lead to greater collaboration, and are why we need more women in finance to achieve better business outcomes.
Building a BASE of Future Entrepreneurs
Building a BASE of Future Entrepreneurs » A two-year grant and partnership between Babson College and a Boston nonprofit will spur entrepreneurship education opportunities for urban youth.
At MLK Jr. Legacy Day, a Call to Guide Others
At MLK Jr. Legacy Day, a Call to Guide Others » At Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Day, Steve Pemberton encouraged students to change the world and guide others in a continuous pursuit of a better society.
An Entrepreneur’s Political Pitch
An Entrepreneur’s Political Pitch » Babson College student Vivian Nguyen ’22 aspires to give a voice to underrepresented groups of her community. That’s why at age 19, she decided to run for Everett City Council.
One Student’s World of Opportunity
One Student’s World of Opportunity » 2017 Diversity Leadership Award winner Dario Guerrero ’21 shares the life-changing opportunities that have taken him from Lawrence, Mass., to Berlin.
Check Your Blind Spots
Check Your Blind Spots » The Babson community welcomed CEO Action to campus via its “Check Your Blind Spots” mobile tour to change perspectives on diversity and inclusion, and commit to recognizing and changing unconscious biases.