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The Sharing Economy
Preparing Entrepreneurial Leaders
The Sharing Economy » “The best ideas are the ones that have been around for a long time," is a starting point for the growing entrepreneurial movement to exploit the notion of collective consumption putting a technology-powered new spin on sharing, renting, or bartering goods and services.
Stripped Down Business School
Preparing Entrepreneurial Leaders
Stripped Down Business School » What if business students arrived on campus already equipped with business fundamentals—the subjects of large review classes such as basic accounting, financial modeling, and marketing? How might business colleges, stripped of the need to provide everyone with a baseline of skills, still attract business-minded students?
Selling Disruption
Preparing Entrepreneurial Leaders
Selling Disruption » To an entrepreneur, the word destruction implies a leap into a new paradigm for a product or service. Companies that start with a what if? attitude have grown to disrupt industries large and small, from commerce (Amazon) to movies and TV (Netflix) to waste management (BigBelly Solar).
Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs, Part I
Amplifying Social Innovation
Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs, Part I » Crowdfunding is an Internet-powered evolution of an age-old activity, and it’s providing social entrepreneurs with access to capital, customers, and ideas.
Boston Rising: Uncovering the Hub’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Living Entrepreneurship
Boston Rising: Uncovering the Hub’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem » Boston proudly leads the nation in higher education, health care, and life science innovation. While Silicon Valley has earned its reputation as the hub of startup activity, Boston’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is steadily growing and thriving.
Small Business and Big Tech
Living Entrepreneurship
Small Business and Big Tech » Technology fuels small businesses such as the Cranberry Cove Ferry, even when it’s as invisible as the shoreline in a storm.