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Deirdre Botsch: Keeping the Babson Community Safe
Deirdre Botsch: Keeping the Babson Community Safe » As Babson’s new COVID-19 testing site lead, Deirdre Botsch is playing a critical role in the College’s response to the pandemic.
Katia Santiago-Taylor: Focus on Wellness
Katia Santiago-Taylor: Focus on Wellness » Katia Santiago-Taylor brings her whole self, and deep experience in prevention, to her new role as the director of wellness and prevention at Babson College.
Patrick Hale: Amplifying All Students’ Voices
From Babson Magazine
Patrick Hale: Amplifying All Students’ Voices » The director of Babson’s Multicultural and Identity Programs reflects on supporting students during trying times and the intersection of entrepreneurial leadership and DE&I.
People of Babson: Shakenna Williams ’94
People of Babson: Shakenna Williams ’94 » As director of global initiatives at the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, the Babson alumna is at the forefront of creating opportunities for women entrepreneurs, especially Black women.
People of Babson: Joel St. Cyr P’20
People of Babson: Joel St. Cyr P’20 » The head strength and conditioning coach demonstrates his agility as he keeps Babson’s student-athletes in shape in any situation.
People of Babson: John Florendo
People of Babson: John Florendo » Behind the scenes, Babson’s multimedia support technician works to keep hybrid learning and community events running smoothly.
People of Babson: Grace Carew ’16
People of Babson: Grace Carew ’16 » As an alumna, staff member, and even occasionally the mascot, Grace Carew ’16 knows all about keeping the Babson community connected, especially online.
People of Babson: Saadia Ahmad
People of Babson: Saadia Ahmad » As Babson’s coordinator of conflict resolution and an MBA candidate, Saadia Ahmad constantly seeks to facilitate reconciliation among students, staff, and even businesses and other entities.
People of Babson: Stephen ‘Woody’ Lappen
People of Babson: Stephen ‘Woody’ Lappen » A mainstay on campus since the 1980s, "Woody" reflects on serving coffee to thousands and the lasting relationships he's fostered with the Babson community
People of Babson: Larinda Cole
From Babson Magazine
People of Babson: Larinda Cole » The associate director in Babson’s Undergraduate Center for Career Development discusses students’ career readiness, racial justice, and, of course, her love for fashion.
People of Babson: Lawrence P. Ward
People of Babson: Lawrence P. Ward » The Vice President for Learner Success and Dean of Campus Life reflects on the trying times caused by the pandemic and social injustice, as well as a pair of recent honors recognizing his successes.
People of Babson: Gerri Randlett
People of Babson: Gerri Randlett » The assistant vice president for alumni engagement reflects on the value and importance of keeping the Babson alumni connected to the College.
People of Babson: Michael Bruny MBA’18
People of Babson: Michael Bruny MBA’18 » Babson’s resident renaissance man discusses his transition to employer brand strategist, the Babson Ebony Network, and, of course, his famous bowties.
People of Babson: Jon Anderson ’75
People of Babson: Jon Anderson ’75 » The legendary men’s soccer coach discusses keeping his players engaged during a pandemic, re-opening BRAC, and what Babson means to him.
People of Babson: Erin Carcia
People of Babson: Erin Carcia » Babson’s deputy chief of police and director of emergency management works around the clock to safeguard the College community.
People of Babson: Ryan Travia
People of Babson: Ryan Travia » The new associate vice president for student success reflects on creating an integrated experience, including mental health and wellbeing, for students.