No. 1 Again: What Babson’s Latest Rankings Mean for the College

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Babson College has been named the No. 1 undergraduate school for entrepreneurship by U.S. News & World Report for the 27th time in a row, coming only days after The Wall Street Journal ranked Babson the 10th best college in America.

The consecutive powerhouse rankings highlight the College’s ongoing commitment to leadership and innovation, pushing the College into an “unprecedented tier” of leadership across all higher education, Babson President Stephen Spinelli Jr. MBA’92, PhD said.

“This astounding achievement is a testament to our position as the flagship institution in the country for educating entrepreneurial leaders,” Spinelli said of the USNWR ranking released today. “This ranking is even more impressive considering that other institutions have begun to see the power that entrepreneurship can harness as a catalyst for positive change. The continued growth in entrepreneurship education only validates what we have known from the beginning.”

The Wall Street Journal ranking, meanwhile, puts Babson in “an unprecedented tier,” Spinelli said, by highlighting the College’s strength in the overall market.

“We’ve long known that we are pioneers in entrepreneurship and business education—a status that’s been reaffirmed by this No. 1 ranking—but today, the world is validating Babson’s place as a leader across our entire industry.”

Spinelli also said that Babson remains committed to delivering a cutting-edge entrepreneurial education. “We will continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible, as we believe that a broad embrace of the entrepreneurial mindset is more important than any ranking,” he said.

‘Perpetually Aspirational’

The No. 1 entrepreneurship ranking by U.S. News & World Report and The Wall Street Journal’s rank of 10th best school in the country are just the latest impressive recognitions for the College. Earlier this year, U.S. News & World Report also ranked Babson No. 1 for Best MBA in Entrepreneurship for the 30th year in a row. And, Forbes magazine ranked Babson No. 9 on its list of the top 25 colleges for highest-earning graduates.

In its rankings, The Wall Street Journal also recognized Babson as the No. 1 school in the nation for career preparation, highlighting the impact of Babson’s Centers for Career Development, the Arthur M. Blank School for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and its centers and institutes. Babson alumni ranked fourth in earnings above a high school graduate’s annual salary, just behind MIT, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Graduates stand and applaud at Commencement
Among its latest impressive rankings, Babson College was recognized as the No. 1 school in the nation for career preparation. (Photo: Justin Knight)

“While our long-standing positions as No. 1 in entrepreneurship at both the undergraduate and MBA levels are accolades that we proudly embrace, the Journal’s ranking represents a broader affirmation of the role that each member of our community plays in setting Babson apart from our peers,” Spinelli said.

The latest recognitions come as the College continues to expand its entrepreneurial education amid a sense of uncertainty throughout higher education—building entrepreneurial leaders who create scalable solutions to complex global problems, lead with empathy, and create innovative solutions.

“The Babson community is perpetually aspirational, never resting on our achievements,” Spinelli said. “Validation of our strength in the market reminds us that we will need to continue to think innovatively and ambitiously.”

Babson’s blockbuster rankings are exemplified in the College’s undergraduate outcomes. Babson’s Class of 2022 undergraduate students who joined the workforce earned an average of $71,385, a 14% increase from last year and the highest starting salary ever for Babson undergraduates. Nearly 98.7% of undergraduate students are employed or are continuing their education within six months of graduation. Babson’s undergraduate students have a 95% retention rate from first to second year, and 94% of first-year students graduate from Babson.

‘Only the Beginning’

The College also recently announced that its ongoing Centennial Campaign—already the most successful fundraising campaign in its history—has boosted its goal to $750 million after it surpassed the $500 million mark.

These accolades, together with a 23% increase in undergraduate applications since 2020, demonstrate how strong the Babson brand and strategy are viewed by others, both inside and outside of the College community. That reputation has remained strong even as many colleges and universities face enrollment challenges and questions regarding the value of a college degree.

“We’ve long known that we are pioneers in entrepreneurship and business education—a status that’s been reaffirmed by this No. 1 ranking—but today, the world is validating Babson’s place as a leader across our entire industry.”
Babson President Stephen Spinelli Jr. MBA’92, PhD

The many notable recognitions that Babson has received put the school at the forefront of providing solutions in a future fueled by entrepreneurial leaders. Babson will continue to educate, connect, and mentor those leaders, Spinelli said.

“This is only the beginning,” Spinelli said. “We look forward to continuing to cement ourselves as leaders in entrepreneurship for decades to come, and with our commitment to innovation and accompanying strategic plan will ensure that Babson remains a top destination for students and professionals who seek to change the world.”

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