Not Just Another Babson College Ranking

Not just another Babson College ranking

Babson College was this year ranked No. 2 for entrepreneurship by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine. This comes just two months after U.S. News & World Report named Babson No. 1 for entrepreneurship for the 23rd consecutive time.

Before you scan, hopefully share, and chalk this up to just another good Babson College ranking, let us tell you a bit about what happens here, and why we believe this is the best place for entrepreneurial leaders.

Entrepreneurial Leaders Are Needed Everywhere

From day one, students are taught the importance of, and the global need for, creating economic and social value simultaneously.

They learn that this value creation can be applied in any context: at startups, in large corporations, government, and beyond.

“Babson’s learning experience is transformative,” said Babson College Undergraduate School Dean Ian Lapp. “It’s a place where students can pursue and discover their passions, and do so with an encouraged drive, curiosity, and instinct to disrupt.”

This latest ranking only solidifies what faculty and students do here every single day. From creating, launching, and running a real business in their first year, to consulting for major corporations, they thrive on experiential learning and the real-world application of critical thinking skills.

Babson students don’t just learn, they do. This approach produces results: 99 percent of students are employed within six months of graduation and the College is continually recognized as a top business school in the country for salary potential.

“These schools have truly robust offerings in entrepreneurship studies,” said Rob Franek, The Princeton Review’s editor in chief. “Their faculties are outstanding. Their courses are rich with in-class and out-of-class experiential components, and the financial and networking support their students receive is extraordinary.”

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Only As Good As Its Network

You may have heard the term entrepreneurial ecosystem by now, likely from us, but to truly understand what it means, turn to the Babson community.

While an ecosystem can be as small as our suburban Wellesley campus, it also can expand across the more than 120 countries and 42,000 members that make up our impressive, and very accessible, global network.

The relationships, mentorship, career and entrepreneurial opportunity that has and will come from an ever-growing community is a huge part of what makes this College an unmatched place for people who wish to think and act like an entrepreneur.

“The popularity of entrepreneurship has increased exponentially since we began publishing this annual ranking more than a decade ago,” said Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine. “As more future leaders seek out paths to realizing their ambitions, this ranking is a valuable asset they can use in the discovery and exploration process.”

About This Babson College Ranking

The Princeton Review collected data from more than 300 schools with offerings in entrepreneurship studies. The ranking lists for 2020 name 50 undergraduate and 25 graduate schools as outstanding choices for students aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

Babson’s top spot also was featured in Entrepreneur magazine’s December issue, on stands now.

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