Leaving His Mark

sienzhi kouemo

One of the great things about Babson is its tight-knit community.

For the graduating class, Sienzhi Kouemo ’20 has been a pillar of that community.

Ask around, and his peers will tell you: “Everyone loves Sienzhi.”

Why? He’s kind. He’s collaborative. And his positivity is contagious.

Kouemo has spent his time at Babson maximizing opportunities to learn, connect, and add value. He did that by taking advantage of Babson’s resources, and becoming a leader on campus.

With graduation on the horizon, Kouemo shares how he has made his mark on Babson—and how Babson has left a mark on him, too.

What inspires you to get involved?

I would love for my college experience to have an impact on someone else’s. I feel a strong connection to my involvement as a CAA (Campus Advancement Ambassador). I was a part of the inaugural CAA class. It’s special—I get to serve as a bridge between students, alumni, and the board of trustees.

My goal is to leave a legacy behind. I joined the Student Government Association to help create that legacy. In SGA, I get to hear different student voices and perspectives, understand their needs, and determine what we can do to make their Babson experience better.

What do you most value about your Babson experience?

The mentors I have here, like my professors who have helped me grow. Faculty at Babson want to get to know you outside the classroom. I want to go to graduate school and maybe even get a PhD in marketing. (Associate) Professors Anjali Bal and Lauren Beitelspacher have been instrumental in this process.

How did you know marketing was the best career path for you?

I studied abroad with the BRIC program last fall. I got to explore India, China, and Russia. That experience opened my eyes to brand positioning; how brands have to tailor their image to different parts of the world. For example, how fast food chains are branded here versus overseas. That stuck with me.

Favorite hangout spot?

I love talking to people! Trim and Reynolds are the places to bump into the entire student body and talk with peers from all over the world. These conversations help shape my view on the world.

Most memorable Babson lesson?

It is OK to not do everything. I was involved in everything freshmen year—so many clubs, and attending too many events. I wanted to experience everything, but was overwhelmed. Babson has so much to offer, but my advice is to focus on what you really care about.

What advice do you have for new students?

Utilize Babson’s resources. Lean on counselors and advisors. Connect with the Center for Career Development. Don’t wait for things to happen to you. Go seek them out. When people see potential, they want to help you.


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