Everything And Then Some

Sree Dasari ’23 came to Babson with an interest in technology and business. She has a background in research and tech. And, she has a startup. If you’re wondering what the Babson undergrad experience is like, Dasari’s story sums it up.

While in high school, Dasari was taking a class that relied heavily on public speaking. She noticed that she would get sweaty and nervous every time she spoke in front of a roomful of people, and wondered if there was a way to simulate that public speaking experience for practice.

“I conducted a study that proved to be true,” said Dasari. She found that, when subjects practiced a presentation while wearing a virtual reality headset, she could track the speaker’s responses to that environment. And, she could then accurately deliver real-time feedback through the device.

Dasari started a company called Vadati that aims to help high school students overcome public speaking anxiety by using virtual reality.

“It’s reinventing the way you train,” she said.

The Babson Undergrad Experience

Once Dasari decided she wanted to focus on turning her idea into a functioning business, Babson was the logical choice.

“Everything that’s happened has happened for a reason because of how they’re intertwined,” she says.

After arriving at Babson, Dasari discovered a wealth of communities where she can connect with others who enjoy similar interests.

She jumped into the Butler Launch Pad, an ecosystem where students live and breathe entrepreneurship, and the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL). “I’m a CWEL Scholar, and that program has really helped connect me to advisors,” said Dasari.

At CODE (Community of Developers & Entrepreneurs), Dasari and her peers are developing their technology skill sets. And, she’s part of Women Giving Back—an organization that focuses on providing service opportunities that are both impactful and memorable. “I’m actually living there right now,” said Dasari.

On top of Vadati, she is learning the ins and outs of starting and running a business in class as well, through the signature first year Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) course.

“FME is literally like starting a business from the ground up—it’s like you’re learning by experience,” said Dasari.

Turning Vadati Into a Viable Business

For students, like Sree, who already have business ideas, Babson can be a fertile ground for expanding and developing those ideas. “Being in this environment really motivates me to focus on my business,” said Dasari.

There are also numerous opportunities to tap into Babson’s vast network of mentors. “After coming to Babson and meeting with my mentors, I got a lot of guidance. It’s really helped in terms of how to turn Vadati into a real business,” said Dasari.

According to Dasari, Babson has been everything and then some. “Find what you’re passionate about. And, if you’re passionate about innovation, Babson is definitely the place for that. Tour a lot of places to see where you fit in. But, in terms of business and entrepreneurship, 100% Babson,” said Dasari.

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