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Doug Hardy
Doug Hardy
Doug Hardy is an award-winning writer, editor, and content strategist focused on management, innovation, entrepreneurship, and human capital topics as well as narrative nonfiction. He is the author or co-author of nine books and scores of online and offline articles. After years in book and magazine publishing, Hardy moved online in 1993, leading online editorial groups at The New York Times Magazine Company,, and ATT New Media. He is a veteran speaker to business and consumer gatherings, and a content marketing consultant as well as a certified career coach.
Show Me the Money
Show Me the Money » Hot investment tip: I know a stock fund that has beaten the S&P 500 consistently for 20 years. It pursues a rigorous fundamental research process, and is advised by some of the best names in the business. Its managers, who turn over every year, work out of a state-of-the-art investment lab in a Boston suburb. Want in?
A New Definition of Success
A New Definition of Success » Losing a dear aunt to cancer helped Kelly Murphy Greeley realize that her career could be more meaningful and fulfilling if she were working for a cause.
Slow Money Investing Takes Root
Slow Money Investing Takes Root » An emerging cadre of enterprising investors and entrepreneurs is committed to turning this situation around, and making money in the process. Food entrepreneurs are revitalizing dozens of old businesses, and starting hundreds of new ones, based on sustainable farming and food production methods.
Mentors: An Entrepreneur’s Most Valuable Player
Mentors: An Entrepreneur’s Most Valuable Player » While much is made of the critical importance of finding a mentor, the term can seem as broad as the spectrum of human relationships.
Debating the Exit Strategy
Debating the Exit Strategy » For the venture-minded entrepreneur, an end might be a successful business … but then what? What are the different paths to “done” for an entrepreneur starting out? Is it going public, getting acquired, starting a spin-off, or expanding to multiple locations?
Becoming a Conscious Capitalist
Becoming a Conscious Capitalist » Professor Raj Sisodia, chairman and co-founder of the Conscious Capitalism Institute, is the co-author (with Whole Foods Founder John Mackey) of business bestseller Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business. In addition to helping companies around the world adopt the mindset of Conscious Capitalism, Sisodia also is the F.W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business…
How to Ape Guy Kawasaki
How to Ape Guy Kawasaki » Guy Kawasaki might balk at the label Legendary Marketing Guru, but his 1.2 million social media followers are voting with their tweets—his writing on marketing, evangelizing, social media, and more spreads far and wide.
Big Business, Startup Mentality
Big Business, Startup Mentality » The oft-told story of a small startup innovating to greatness stands in contrast to the narrative of a large company caught in the innovator’s dilemma: protecting its current business by ignoring opportunities that could disrupt the status quo. In corporate environments, intrapreneurs fight bureaucracy, outdated processes, groupthink, and sheer inertia.
Amplifying Impact with AltruHelp
Amplifying Impact with AltruHelp » Mathew Paisner is not your average social innovator. He heads AltruHelp, an organization that helps businesses and colleges increase volunteerism by connecting their people to personalized volunteer projects.
Entrepreneur-Friendly Immigration Reform
Entrepreneur-Friendly Immigration Reform » Immigration is a hot-button issue but, whatever their feelings about comprehensive immigration reform, business leaders and advocates are pushing the message that the political snarl over immigration is hurting American business by preventing the world’s best and brightest from working here.
Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs, Part II
Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs, Part II » Social investment platforms are as diverse as the challenges they seek to address. They share a common goal of having a positive effect and supporting social causes, but approach community engagement and fundraising differently.
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part III
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part III » How can you measure job creation when it’s a moving target, and what effect does policy in one area (healthcare) has on another (job creation)?
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part II
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part II » If you use the Small Business Administration’s definition of a small business employing fewer than 500 people, 98% of business establishments are small.
The Sharing Economy
The Sharing Economy » “The best ideas are the ones that have been around for a long time," is a starting point for the growing entrepreneurial movement to exploit the notion of collective consumption putting a technology-powered new spin on sharing, renting, or bartering goods and services.
Got a Great Idea? Prove It
Got a Great Idea? Prove It » Entrepreneurs by temperament are gushing wells of inspiration—new businesses, new solutions to old problems, and new approaches. In those first bursts of imagination, an opportunity appears suddenly obvious, even if the path to success will be long and full of false starts. And, then, another idea might manifest, seeming as brilliant as the first.
Stripped Down Business School
Stripped Down Business School » What if business students arrived on campus already equipped with business fundamentals—the subjects of large review classes such as basic accounting, financial modeling, and marketing? How might business colleges, stripped of the need to provide everyone with a baseline of skills, still attract business-minded students?
How to Sell Disruption
How to Sell Disruption » Even with a compelling story to tell, one of the most difficult chores of disrupting a market is actually convincing people they should change.
A Profile of Omidyar Network
A Profile of Omidyar Network » Instead of simply giving money to accelerate social good, Omidyar Network behaves like a venture capital firm, investing in global businesses whose result is public good.
Octopus, Social Innovation, and the Power of Narrative
Octopus, Social Innovation, and the Power of Narrative » instead of simply giving money to accelerate social good, Omidyar Network behaves like a venture capital firm, investing in global businesses whose result is public good.
Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs, Part I
Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs, Part I » Crowdfunding is an Internet-powered evolution of an age-old activity, and it’s providing social entrepreneurs with access to capital, customers, and ideas.
Social Intrapreneurship: A Conversation with Cheryl Kiser and Kevin Thompson
Social Intrapreneurship: A Conversation with Cheryl Kiser and Kevin Thompson » The term Social Intrapreneurship has been cropping up lately. The Ashoka Changemakers announced a League of Intrapreneurs in September, universities are studying the practice, and intrapreneurs at companies as diverse as Ford, Nestle, Intel, Dell, and Kraft have attracted attention in the business press.
Turning Points for Family Business
Turning Points for Family Business » Merge family dynamics with that complicated institution called a family business and you have potential for epic conflict. And, the time that is most fraught with conflict is the transition of the business from one generation to the next.
Small Business and Big Tech
Small Business and Big Tech » Technology fuels small businesses such as the Cranberry Cove Ferry, even when it’s as invisible as the shoreline in a storm.
Opportunity Focus: Corporate Suppliers
Opportunity Focus: Corporate Suppliers » The most inspiring business idea goes exactly nowhere without customers, and for business-to-business (B2B) services, that means persuading someone to part with corporate money.
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part I
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part I » Who is a job creator? The term has become a political Rorschach test—it means what the speaker says it means to support his or her policy beliefs.