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Doug Hardy
Doug Hardy
Doug Hardy is an award-winning writer, editor, and content strategist focused on management, innovation, entrepreneurship, and human capital topics as well as narrative nonfiction. He is the author or co-author of nine books and scores of online and offline articles. After years in book and magazine publishing, Hardy moved online in 1993, leading online editorial groups at The New York Times Magazine Company,, and ATT New Media. He is a veteran speaker to business and consumer gatherings, and a content marketing consultant as well as a certified career coach.
Social Intrapreneurship: A Conversation with Cheryl Kiser and Kevin Thompson
Social Intrapreneurship: A Conversation with Cheryl Kiser and Kevin Thompson » The term Social Intrapreneurship has been cropping up lately. The Ashoka Changemakers announced a League of Intrapreneurs in September, universities are studying the practice, and intrapreneurs at companies as diverse as Ford, Nestle, Intel, Dell, and Kraft have attracted attention in the business press.
Turning Points for Family Business
Turning Points for Family Business » Merge family dynamics with that complicated institution called a family business and you have potential for epic conflict. And, the time that is most fraught with conflict is the transition of the business from one generation to the next.
Small Business and Big Tech
Small Business and Big Tech » Technology fuels small businesses such as the Cranberry Cove Ferry, even when it’s as invisible as the shoreline in a storm.
Opportunity Focus: Corporate Suppliers
Opportunity Focus: Corporate Suppliers » The most inspiring business idea goes exactly nowhere without customers, and for business-to-business (B2B) services, that means persuading someone to part with corporate money.
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part I
The Fine Print on Job Creators: Part I » Who is a job creator? The term has become a political Rorschach test—it means what the speaker says it means to support his or her policy beliefs.