Author: Adam Sulkowski

Extreme Entrepreneurship and Why It Matters
Extreme Entrepreneurship and Why It Matters » In traveling the world, the author of a new book on extreme entrepreneurship shares inspiring lessons from entrepreneurs thriving amid daunting conditions.
‘Don’t Underestimate Your Power’
‘Don’t Underestimate Your Power’ » Feru Deshong ’23 shares her insights on the power of amplifying your voice in the first forum of the Social Media & Academic Freedom Events committee.
Entrepreneurship as Protest
Entrepreneurship as Protest » Brandale Randolph demonstrates the power of entrepreneurship by selling top-end, high-tech bicycles to police departments.
Entrepreneurship with Law During COVID-19
Entrepreneurship with Law During COVID-19 » How Danielle Goldman, a Babson WIN Lab® alumna, is helping international students serve local communities.