People of Babson: Grace Carew ’16

Grace Carew ’16

Few people embody Babson College quite like Grace Carew ’16. The daughter of a longtime Babson staff member, Carew gracefully transitioned from undergraduate student to a career in alumni relations. Plus, she even has donned the costume of Biz E. Beaver on more than one occasion. Now, in her new role as assistant director of advancement communications, Carew is helping lead digital communications with alumni on social media, email, and the website, all of which has taken on even greater importance over the past year to help keep the Babson network and community connected remotely.

The Q&A

How has your role in Advancement changed, and what are your top priorities now?

“I started working at Babson full time about eight months after I graduated. I started out on the Alumni Relations team doing a little bit of everything, helping with passive programming, building our social media presence, assisting our career and corporate affinities, and sometimes even ‘being’ Biz E. Beaver. I recently transitioned into Advancement Communications, focusing mostly on our digital efforts: managing the alumni social media channels, working on our email campaigns, and maintaining our website presence.”

How important is it now to keep the Babson alumni community connected—to the College and to each other—during times like these?

“This past year, and these first few weeks of 2021, has been hard for everyone. Having a community like Babson to lean on is so important. Babson wouldn’t be the same without our alumni family. I feel like a broken record when I say this, but our alumni really are the best. They have come out and supported our students, and each other, in tremendous ways this year. Our alumni have each other’s, and our students’, backs.”

What has it been like working at Babson after being an undergraduate student here?

“It’s been … an experience. It was really interesting coming in as a staff member after being an undergraduate student. It definitely has given me a unique perspective when brainstorming events, programs, and communications for our alumni. It also has given me an appreciation for all our staff and faculty. There is so much that goes on ‘behind the scenes’—everything from housing, classroom assignments, staffing midnight breakfast, to dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on the spring concert contract—that makes the student experience what it is, and to be honest, oftentimes gets taken for granted by students. I love bringing my ‘alumni’ and ‘staff’ hats to the table.”

Having a community like Babson to lean on is so important. Babson wouldn’t be the same without our alumni family.”
Grace Carew ’16, assistant director, advancement communications

Do you have a favorite story from your undergraduate days that you like to share with other alumni?

“There are too many to count! One that always stands out is my GAP summer. Although not a specific program anymore, I was a Babson GAP student. This meant I started Babson in January rather than the fall with the rest of my class, and then spent my summer at Babson full time with the rest of my GAP cohort. That summer is a time I’ll never forget. There were very few people living on campus (especially during second session), so we all lived in Putney Hall and basically were forced to be friends if we wanted to have any sort of social life. At the time, we all thought it was annoying and unfair having to spend our summer in school. But, looking back, it was an unforgettable experience. And, it was the start of many, many ‘Trim sits.’ ”

You’re also working on your own master’s degree in social media marketing. How are you balancing that, and how might that influence your communications with Babson alumni?

“I give props to anyone working full time and going to school, because it is a lot to manage. I don’t consider myself to be a very stressful person, but these past two years have given me a run for my money. While the grad school/full-time job balancing act has been tough, it has been a really rewarding experience and I’m really proud of myself. Applying what I’ve learned about marketing and social media to my job has been a fun challenge. It has pushed me to think more critically, be more creative, and definitely be more flexible in our communications to Babson alumni.”

Two More for Grace Carew

What does Babson mean to you?

“Family—in every sense of the word. My dad, Tom (P’08 ’16 ’24), has worked at Babson for almost 25 years as an IT specialist. I have four sisters, and three of them have a Babson connection. One of my older sisters, Sherri, graduated Babson in 2008, another older sister, Dianne, also works at Babson in the Registrar’s Office, and my little sister, Angelina (’24), is a current student (and my oldest sister gets to hear all our stories). Also, the friends I have made throughout my time at Babson—as a student and staff member—have become a part of my extended family. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Babson.”

Right now, what are you …

  • Reading? The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead
  • Watching? “I’m rewatching ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ but on any day of the week, you can usually find me watching something Disney related.”
  • Listening to? “A little bit of everything. I am constantly listening to music, from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. This month, it’s been a lot of Dermott Kennedy, Leon Bridges, Queen, and One Direction.”
  • Doing in your free time? “I like to think I’m a creative person, so even though I’m not particularly talented, I enjoy writing, drawing, or doing other crafts. One of my favorite pastimes is just driving around aimlessly listening to music and daydreaming. But, these days most of my free time is spent doing school work or procrastinating homework assignments with late-night TikTok scrolling.”

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