One College. One Community. #OneBabson.

In the words of Lawrence Ward, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students:

A campus that once echoed of ideas and laughter is now eerily silent.

I miss the energy and I miss the noise.

But, even with most students gone from campus, unparalleled learning has taken place. We’ve been forced to reimagine how we teach and provide support, and I believe ultimately we’ll be better as a result.

I know that students are grappling with what their future may hold, but Babson has always been about preparing students to create a new and different future.

What we teach at Babson has never been more relevant. This is an unprecedented time but we will help each other get through this.

Our alumni already are on the front lines putting into action what they learned in our classrooms, hallways, centers, and institutes.

This pandemic has affected all of us, but in different ways. Working together we will make Babson stronger than ever.

When students return to campus, more than ever before, they will need greater levels of support and new resources to find success.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary action. We will re-emerge together, we will thrive and we will continue to lead, as one.

Join us April 22 and 23 as we come together as #OneBabson to support each other, and our students most affected by the crisis.

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