New Look, Same Babson College

In just a year, the completion of four capital projects dramatically altered Babson’s look, while enhancing student experience and maintaining the appearance of a quaint New England campus.

Since fall 2018, the Weissman Foundry has offered students the ability to pursue entrepreneurship through the arts. Earlier this year, came the opening of Babson Commons at Horn Library, which includes the student-named Centennial Cafe, Bala Iyer Garden, informal study spaces, and more. And for most of the year, the community enjoyed the relocation and restoration of the Babson World Globe to Kerry Murphy Healey Park.

In September, the College completed the most expansive of its four projects, the Babson Recreation and Athletics Complex; a destination for students, faculty, and staff that will prompt community building.

And this fall, Babson Commons welcomed its final piece: a new finance lab for the Stephen D. Cutler Center for Investments and Finance.

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