Babson Named a Five-Star Best College by Money Magazine

Babson College has been named one of the top colleges in the United States by Money magazine, earning a five-star rating on its 2024 list of Best Colleges

In the analysis of the country’s top 745 colleges, Babson was one of only 54 to be rated five stars for scoring exceptionally high on most of its metrics, including quality of education, affordability, and outcomes. 

Money lauded Babson specifically for its outcomes, developing business leaders and future entrepreneurs. In its profile of Babson, the magazine writes: “Babson performs extremely well in Money’s evaluation of student outcomes. Grads tend to stand out in the job market, with early-career earnings topping $111,000. That’s high even compared to other schools that produce a lot of business majors.” 

Money’s ratings system, which was updated last year and has evolved since its launch 10 years ago, considers a host of data-driven factors, including graduation rates, peer quality, instructor access, net price of a degree, student debt, earnings 10 years after college entry, employment outcomes, and value-added earnings. 

The latest rating underscores again the increasing value of a Babson education, following The Wall Street Journal ranking Babson the 10th best college in the country last year.  

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