Meeting the Moment

Babson staff members hold up signs at a recent campus event

Today, I embark on my fourth year as president of Babson College. My time as president has been exciting, unexpected, and tremendously fulfilling. As I reflect on the past three years—and particularly the COVID-19 experience—I am filled with gratitude and pride. Despite challenges and headwinds, Babson is excelling. Our accomplishments and successes are all thanks to our community of resilient, caring, and innovative entrepreneurial leaders.

Together, we put students first. We advanced our vision for One Babson. We strengthened our financial position. We impacted business education and practice globally.

Learn more about Babson’s accolades at the new Meeting the Moment site.

The market is responding and validating our strategic focus on entrepreneurial leadership—a Babson education is in high demand. Last year, we saw record-breaking application numbers and admitted the largest, most qualified, and most diverse class in Babson history. Our undergraduate school featured the largest enrollment ever with 2,678 students, and the graduate school experienced the largest single-year growth in its 75-year history.

Babson’s accolades, rankings, and outcomes are important indicators of our strong brand and market position, sophisticated financial management, relentless focus on student experience, impressive return on investment, and the increasing need for entrepreneurial leaders:

Every day, our community employs the skills and embodies the characteristics of entrepreneurial leadership to advance and elevate Babson and foster a living, learning, and working environment that empowers individuals and teams to create value and thrive.

I invite you to visit our new site,, to explore and celebrate Babson’s numerous accolades. Our historic achievements are thanks to you and our collective commitment to Babson College.

Every day, you rise to the occasion. You meet the moment.

Thank you. I am proud to journey into this new year with you.

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