‘In Times Like These, It Is So Important to Think of Others’

Giving to Greater Boston Food Bank

One of the cruel realities of the coronavirus outbreak is how isolating it is. To stop its spread, people must hunker down and shut themselves away from so much that defines their regular day-to-day lives: work and school, shops and restaurants, neighbors and communities.

It’s not easy. But even as we close ourselves off from people, says Alex Freeman ’15, we cannot allow ourselves to forget them. “In times like these, it is so important to think of others,” she says.

Alex Freeman '15
Alex Freeman ’15

Freeman found herself thinking of others a lot lately. As she went to the supermarket, stocking up on groceries just as so many of us have been doing in this time of social distancing, she thought of those less fortunate.

“In that moment, it overwhelmed me to think of the situation I would be in if I did not have the finances and job security,” she says. “The sense of sadness and helplessness I felt for those less fortunate was too much to not do something.”

And, so, she decided to act.

A Ripple Effect

It started simply enough in that most modern of ways: Freeman posted on social media.

On Facebook and Instagram, Freeman wrote a heartfelt note expressing her concerns for those in need. “What if I had to think twice before swiping my credit card to buy yet another round of groceries this week because I wasn’t sure I had enough money?” she wrote. “What if job security was a concern that kept me up at night wondering if I could continue to support my family?”

She concluded by asking for contributions to the Greater Boston Food Bank, a large hunger-relief organization that distributed nearly 70 million pounds of food last year. Over just a 72-hour period, Freeman was able to raise a combined $2,300 on Facebook and Instagram. “By fundraising for them, we are able to directly provide their team with the finances to purchase, package, and deliver more meals a day to those in need,” she says.

“Find what you’re passionate about and extend a helping hand, whether it be your time or financial support.”

Alex Freeman '15

Freeman is amazed at how her initial note, and her subsequent follow-up posts, were able to accomplish so much. “It caused a wonderful ripple effect inspiring others to participate,” says Freeman, a managing partner at Manzo Freeman Development, her family’s real estate development company. She also serves as a member of the Babson College Advisory Board.

Freeman hopes that people continue to be inspired to help others in this uncertain time. “The Greater Boston Food Bank is just one of thousands of charities across the globe you can decide to back,” she says. “Find what you’re passionate about and extend a helping hand, whether it be your time or financial support.”

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