Winter 2022–2023

News, Notes, and Nods: In Memoriam

Exterior shot of Tomasso Hall

Remembering the alumni and members of the Babson community who have passed recently:

Daniel Blaisdell Ruggles III ’46, of Peabody, Massachusetts, July 21

Lawrence J. Geoghegan ’48, of Framingham, Massachusetts, April 19

Charles B.M. Douglas ’51, MBA’65, of Manchester, New Hampshire, April 26

Ira Ben Lehrich ’53, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, June 16

Roy William Klinzing ’54, of Bloomington, Illinois, June 2

Ambrosio Peña ’54, of Bucaramanga, Colombia

Edwin Alan Smith ’57, MBA’74, P’86, of Springfield, Massachusetts, Aug. 27

Retired Army Lt. Col. Walter Joseph Diggles MBA’57, of Henrico, Virginia, March 1

Ralph Fearing Phipps ’58, of Peterborough, New Hampshire, June 18

Stanton Leroy Burgess Jr. ’59, of Boston, Massachusetts, Aug. 15

Stephen Mixter Smithwick ’59, of Falmouth, Maine, June 9

Mark Andrews Turner ’60, of Noank, Connecticut, May 8

Michael Yaffee ’60, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, Aug. 1

Donald Wayne Hanson MBA’60, of Attleboro, Massachusetts, May 20

Rufus S. Frost III ’61, of Marlborough, New Hampshire, July 21

Barry Jay ’61, of Boca Raton, Florida, May 22, 2021

Leonard Francis Lynch Jr. ’61, P’83, of Milford, Massachusetts, July 6

Gordon Alexander Riddell ’61, of Casa Grande, Arizona, Jan. 16

Don Ralph Ziegenbein ’61, MBA’62, of Lansing, Michigan, June 30

Mansfield M. Batchelder ’62, of Peachtree Corners, Georgia, June 2

Richard Shove Borden II ’63, of Westport, Massachusetts, July 9

Ira Horowitz ’63, of Dallas, Texas, April 15

William Alan Patterson ’63, of Cashiers, North Carolina, May 20

David Torrey Sylvester ’63, of New Orleans, Louisiana, June 8

Robert H. Schoenheit ’64, of Hilton, New York, Dec. 14, 2021

Philip J. McFate ’65, of Binghamton, New York, April 20

John E. Grandbois MBA’66, P’03, of Lebanon, New Hampshire, June 12

Ronald Harold Arthur MBA’67, of Wenham, Massachusetts, June 9, 2019

Retired Army Lt. Col. Ellis Rowe Morris MBA’67, of Roanoke, Alabama, July 20

Daniel Wayne Hoyt ’68, of Long Hill, Connecticut, May 10

Arthur Paul Landry II ’70, ’70, of Merrimack, New Hampshire, April 21

Robert S. Stevens ’71, of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, July 5

William F. Flannery Jr. MBA’71, of Boston, Massachusetts, July 30

Gregory Yergatian MBA’71, of Milford, Massachusetts, April 19

Jeffrey Stephan Frank ’72, MBA’77, of Brockton, Massachusetts, July 30

Allen Gilbert ’72, of Kensington, New Hampshire, May 5

Paul H. Visco ’72, of Waltham, Massachusetts, July 6

Donald Richard Bloom MBA’72, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 5

James Michael Conway MBA’72, of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, May 23

John Warren Conkling MBA’74, of Boston, Massachusetts, July 3

John Leonard Gerweck ’75, of Red Bank, New Jersey, June 3

James Anastasi MBA’75, of Easton, Massachusetts, July 19

Richard Gerard Antonellis MBA’75, of West Warwick, Rhode Island, March 31

David Irwin Porter MBA’75, of Norway, Maine, July 18

Carmine A. Zamarro MBA’75, of Worcester, Massachusetts, June 20

Robert Alfred Toto MBA’77, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, June 3

William Thomas Hutch MBA’78, of Marlborough, Massachusetts, May 5

Alan Paul Siegel MBA’79, of Easton, Massachusetts, May 8

Edward J. Girvan Jr. ’81, of Boston, Massachusetts, Aug. 12

Karl Philip Ekonomy MBA’82, of Southlake, Texas, June 25

Lee Warren Young ’83, of Edmond, Oklahoma, May 22

Rachel Coward Brown ’84, of Medfield, Massachusetts, May 30

William E. Croteau ’85, of Novato, California, June 13

Joan M. McCann MBA’90, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, July 1

William Haynes Kelly Jr. MBA’96, of Melrose, Massachusetts, April 21

Mikhail A. Sirota MBA’97, of San Francisco, California, March 10

Daniel J. Curley ’98, of Waltham, Massachusetts, June 10

James J. Lewellis MBA’05, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 7

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