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News, Notes, and Nods: In Memoriam

Exterior shot of Tomasso Hall

Remembering the alumni and members of the Babson community who have passed recently:

William Francis Glavin H’99,William Francis Glavin H’99, of Vero Beach, Florida, and Melvin Village, New Hampshire, died on Nov. 8. A promoter of diversity and a global mindset, he served as Babson College’s ninth president from 1989 to 1997. Glavin helped establish the College as an internationally recognized school of business and, critically, build upon its legacy of entrepreneurship. Glavin also oversaw the physical transformation of the Babson campus. The F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business building was dedicated during his tenure. And, he and his wife of 63 years—Cecily Glavin H’97, who passed away in 2019—also played a major role in the creation of Glavin Family Chapel, the first formal place of worship on campus.

James C. Wemyss Jr. ’46, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Jan. 22, 2020

Albert D. Phelps Jr. ’48, of Bronx, New York, Jan. 2

Myron P. Redmond ’51, of Naples, Florida, Feb. 16

Samuel Bernard Garbose ’52, of Needham, Massachusetts, Jan. 5

Kenneth D. Elgart ’53, of Newton, Massachusetts, Jan. 14

James E. Gately ’54, of Marblehead, Massachusetts, April 5

Douglas K. Hayward ’54, of Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 30

Joseph R. Arnold ’56, of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Jan. 16

Lewis L. Whitman ’56, of Canton, Massachusetts, Nov. 14

Harold E. Aken Jr. ’57, of Easley, South Carolina, Oct. 25, 2020

William Clarkson Cleworth ’57, of Vero Beach, Florida, Nov. 8

Edward Childs Hall II ’57, of Hingham, Massachusetts, Feb. 12

Charles J. Circeo Jr. ’58, of Braintree, Massachusetts, Jan. 10

Ross Leslie Kinsman ’58, of Canton, Massachusetts, Dec. 19

Richard M. Plotkin ’58, P’97, of Ayer, Massachusetts, March 14

George Eugene Shippey ’58, of Somers, Connecticut, Dec. 12

Jason S. Schloss ’59, of Sun City, South Carolina, March 16

Stuart E. Silbaugh Jr. ’59, of Merrick, New York, Jan. 25

George Small ’59, of Peabody, Massachusetts, Oct. 2

Wesley R. Wheeler ’59, of Shelton, Connecticut, Nov. 10

Frank Michael Campinell Jr. ’60, of Wakefield, Massachusetts, April 25, 2020

William Richard Campion ’60, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Oct. 1

Alan Ramsay MacDonald ’60, of Williamsburg, Virginia, Dec. 24

Kenneth Allan Palmer ’60, of Scottsdale, Arizona, Jan. 10, 2020

Scott Adams Fisher MBA’60, of Onset, Massachusetts, Jan. 3

Joseph Assad Nasby Jr. MBA’60, of Boca Raton, Florida, Aug. 31, 2020

Robert J. Aronno ’61, June 26, 2021

Allan K. Bass ’61, of Sharon, Massachusetts, March 7

Paul Costello Jr. ’61, P’93 ’95, of Norwell, Massachusetts, Nov. 5

Michael L. Schweitzer ’61, Oct. 24, 2020

Stephen D. Cutler MBA’61, of Quincy, Massachusetts, Nov. 24, 2020

Herberto Diaz Molero ’62, of Maracaibo, Venezuela, May 24, 2021

David Graves Mugar ’62, of Boston, Massachusetts, Jan. 25

Ira Horowitz ’63, of Carrollton, Texas, April 15

Curtis Burrows Speed ’63, of Deerfield, Illinois, Nov. 18

Bruce Radway Woodland ’63, of Fargo, North Dakota, Jan. 15

Peter Holt Dinsmore ’64, P’88, of Marblehead, Massachusetts, Nov. 25

Jeffrey Paul Rayner ’64, of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Feb. 18

George R. Wierdsma, ’64, of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, March 23

Arthur Joseph Henault MBA’64, of Webster, Massachusetts, Feb. 9

Richard Charles Cusolito ’65, of Rochester, Massachusetts, Oct. 24

Robert James Hamilton ’65, of Moultonborough, New Hampshire, March 19

Frederick Cheney Leavitt ’65, of Bel Air, Maryland, Nov. 26

Glenn C. Relyea ’65, of Glens Falls, New York, Dec. 17

Gerald Robert Barsh MBA’65, of Brookline, Massachusetts, Dec. 13

Laurence Kent Buckmaster ’66, of Lincoln, California, May 13, 2021

Thomas J. Mears ’66, of Hopedale, Massachusetts, Nov. 16

Edward T. Maguire MBA’66, of Winchester, Massachusetts, Dec. 2

Robert W. Larkin ’67, of Stow, Massachusetts, Oct. 27

Ralph W. Maddigan III ’68, P’06, of Onset, Massachusetts, May 24

Robert L. Polli ’68, of Reno, Nevada, Nov. 29

Erma Nightingale Wiggin MBA’68, of Hollis, New Hampshire, Nov. 5

Robert Alan Kleinkauf ’69, MBA’70, of Newark, New Jersey, Feb. 2

Jonathan W. Randall ’69, of Plymouth, Massachusetts, Oct. 6

Retired Brig. Gen. Rex Donald Wing MBA’69, of San Diego, California, Dec. 16, 2019

Bruce Cardin ’70, of Costa Mesa, California, Oct. 21

Robert Scott Krieger ’70, MBA’71, of New York, New York, Oct. 9, 2020

Edmund L. Henault, MBA’70, of Peterborough, New Hampshire, March 30

Ellen Carol Horgan MBA’70, of Osterville, Massachusetts, Dec. 20

Andrew Julius Sullivan MBA’70, of Norwich, Connecticut, Nov. 16

Peter Michael Alberico MBA’71, of Popponesset, Massachusetts, Dec. 1

Hugh F. Murray Jr. MBA’71, of Winchester, Massachusetts, July 12, 2021

Jon Paul Newsome MBA’71, of Sarasota, Florida, Feb. 5

Joseph B. Harding ’72, of Hanover, Massachusetts, March 12

Paula Kreisler Velluto ’72, of Melrose, Massachusetts, Nov. 18

Raymond A. Verrier MBA’72, of Hudson, Massachusetts, Feb. 23

Peter Raymond Kyte ’73, of Fishkill, New York, Sept. 20

Sherman Hardee Ball MBA’73, of Southborough, Massachusetts, Nov. 22

Dyer Cornell MBA’73, of Glen Allen, Virginia, Jan. 4

Michael J. Daley Jr. MBA’73, of Plano, Texas, July 17

Robert Frederick Agnew ’74, of Damariscotta, Maine, Nov. 29

Suzanne Denise Goucher ’74, of Lewiston, Maine, Jan. 19

George M. Fotiades MBA’74, of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Oct. 11

Paul Martin Greeley MBA’74, of West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, Dec. 12

Robert Jon Gustavsen MBA’74, P’96, of Braintree, Massachusetts, Dec. 13

Roger W. Boyle ’75, of Holliston, Massachusetts, April 17

Frederick C. Hitchcock III ’75, of Brunswick, Maine, April 18

Retired Lt. Col. John M. Kilkenny MBA’75, of Williamsburg, Virginia, March 6

Fred Everett Cooper III ’76, of Fairfield, New Jersey, March 3

George Cain Fuller MBA’76, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, May 5

Philip Rosenberg MBA’76, of Forest Hills, New York, Nov. 12, 2019

William Conrad Marcoux ’77, of The Villages, Florida, Feb. 9

Michael Alfred McCormack MBA’77, of Plantation, Florida, Nov. 19

Torrey J. Russell MBA’78, of Kigali, Rwanda, Nov. 17

Helen Groner LaSorsa ’79, of Westport, Connecticut, Jan. 12

Kenneth C. Nelson MBA’79, of Framingham, Massachusetts, Oct. 1

Lorrie T. Barksdale ’80, of Sedona, Arizona, April 1

Stanley A. Makowski MBA’80, of Manchester, New Hampshire, Oct. 8

Carol F. Bennett ’81, of Atlanta, Georgia, Sept. 8

Kathleen Kelly MBA’81, of Holliston, Massachusetts, April 14

James Walter Lakey MBA’81, of Middleborough, Massachusetts, Feb. 12

Frederic A. Norton MBA’81, of Venice, Florida, March 28

Wayne G. Sharpe Jr. MBA’81, P’94, of Hollis, New Hampshire, Oct. 1

Robert J. Mallin Jr. ’83, of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, Sept. 17

Mary C. Gallagher MBA’83, of Winthrop, Massachusetts, Nov. 12

James Frank Ferrara ’84, of Ludlow, Massachusetts, Jan. 4

Bruce G. von Rosenvinge ’84, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dec. 3

Suzan Lucia DiCroce MBA’84, of Brockton, Massachusetts, Nov. 11

Christopher S. Bodtker ’85, MBA’86, of Zürich, Switzerland, Dec. 11

Michael Patrick Browne MBA’85, P’06 ’11, of Watertown, Massachusetts, Jan. 29

George M. Gregorian ’86, of Cranston, Rhode Island, Feb. 16

Kriston S. Briggs MBA’86, of Sarasota, Florida, April 13

Anne Perno MBA’86, of Hanover, Massachusetts, Nov. 21

William Francis Allen ’87, of Quincy, Massachusetts, Oct. 28

Scott Michael Chamberlin ’87, of Los Angeles, California, Oct. 28

Sandra E. Austin MBA’87, of Burlington, Massachusetts, Feb. 26

Matthew W. Brown MBA’87, of Wenham, Massachusetts, Jan. 6

Joan M. Allen P’88 ’91 ’92, G’20, of Sherborn, Massachusetts, May 2, 2021

Ellen S. Solomita ’89, of Charlestown, Massachusetts, Oct. 10

Edward J. Loring MBA’90, of Upton, Massachusetts, April 3

Janet (Picardi) Peterson MBA’91, of Natick, Massachusetts, Sept. 16

Todd Cyril McElroy ’92, of West Dover, Vermont, Nov. 15

Jacqueline Mary Bassett MBA’93, of Boston, Massachusetts, Nov. 14

Christopher Michael Reiner MBA’08, of Newbury, Massachusetts, Jan. 14

Jonathan William Tara ’09, of New York, New York, Feb. 10

David S. Kenny MBA’11, of Sharon, Massachusetts, Jan. 29

David Nahigian MBA’22, of Weston, Massachusetts, Feb. 28

Robert John Assatly, of Palm Beach, Florida, Oct. 29

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