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News, Notes, and Nods: In Memoriam

Exterior shot of Tomasso Hall

Remembering the alumni and members of the Babson community who have passed recently:

William H. Johanson, of Wrentham, Massachusetts, died on Jan. 28. He worked at Babson College for 17 years as a trades supervisor.

Lori Ann Sullivan P’16, of Stoughton, Massachusetts, died on Jan. 13. Sullivan had worked as Babson’s procurement card program specialist since 2010.

Melinda L. Theodore P’95, of Westwood, Massachusetts, died on Dec. 6. Theodore served as editor of Babson Magazine for 21 years, from 1989 to 2010.

Elizabeth R. Thornton, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, died on Dec. 26. Thornton was Babson’s first chief diversity officer and worked at the College from 2008 until 2017.

Clarence Monroe Howard Jr. ’49, of Sandy Springs, Ohio, Oct. 20

Ralph Elmer Jones ’49, of Newnan, Georgia, Dec. 16

Charles Whiteside Williams ’50, of Saugatuck, Michigan, Oct. 19

Joseph Bradish Nye III ’51, P’84, of New London, New Hampshire, Dec. 3

John Harry Wallach ’53, of Redding, California, Jan. 18, 2022

Lawrence Vernon Robinson Jr. ’54, of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Sept. 4

Clement Paul Eckrich ’55, of Daniel Island, South Carolina, Oct. 10

Ambrosio Peña Jr. ’55, of Bucaramanga, Colombia, Nov. 15

William Williamson Smith ’57, of Healdsburg, California, Sept. 19

Stephen Jay Britt ’58, of Easton, Maryland, Dec. 31

Sheldon Robert Roth ’58, P’82, of Scottsdale, Arizona, Nov. 18

Stephen F. Briggs II ’59, P’88, of Naples, Florida, Sept. 9

Fred Wallace Gorr ’59, of Lake Forest, Illinois, Jan. 8

George Harry Smith Jr. ’59, of Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, Jan. 25

Michael Farnsworth ’60, of Rye, New York, Jan. 12, 2022

George Michael Benda MBA’60, of Kannapolis, North Carolina, Nov. 14, 2021

Sidney Aaron Cramer ’61, of Niskayuna, New York, Nov. 27

Gerald Stanwood Roberts ’61, of New Canaan, Connecticut, Dec. 28

John Michael Barry Jr. ’62, MBA’63, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, Dec. 25

Howard B. Kouffman ’62, of Long Island, New York, May 22

Charles Richard Murdoch ’62, of Hampton, New Hampshire, Nov. 5

Steven Steuart Walker ’62, of Middletown, Rhode Island, Aug. 12

Theodore R. Walter Jr. ’62, of Morristown, New Jersey, Oct. 21

Dixon D. Griffin MBA’62, of Biddeford, Maine, Oct. 15

Bernard Frederic Fabian ’63, of Middletown, Connecticut, Jan. 23

Samuel Albert Myers ’63, of LeRoy, New York, Sept. 11

Gerald Rolnick ’63, of Boca West, Florida, Dec. 9

Joel Peter Rudolph ’63, of Palm Springs, California, Nov. 29

Donald Francis Garvais MBA’63, of Brooklyn, Connecticut, Jan. 9

Edward Belansky ’64, of Boynton Beach, Florida, June 5, 2021

Bruce Warren Davis ’64, of Westwood, Massachusetts, Oct. 20.

Thomas Stevenson Whitman Jr. ’65, of Alexandria, New Hampshire, Jan. 16

Peter Gerard Fallon Jr. MBA’65, of Scituate, Massachusetts, Nov. 15

Ferdinand F. Forte MBA’65, P’78, of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, Aug. 23

Paul V. Dee Jr. ’66, of Concord, Massachusetts, Aug. 1

Edward T. Maguire MBA’66, of Winchester, Massachusetts, Dec. 2, 2021

Retired Army Lt. Col. Armand Eugene Malo MBA’66, of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Aug. 6, 2021

John Thomas O’Keefe MBA’66, of East Weymouth, Massachusetts, Aug. 17

Kenneth Robert Leahy MBA’67, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, Nov. 26

Dana Bruce Prince MBA’67, of Denver, Colorado, Nov. 10

Van R. Martin ’68, of Miami, Florida, Nov. 29

Riford Robert Tuttle Jr. ’68, of Rutland, Vermont, May 13

David Hoyt Cockley Sr. MBA’68, of Shaker Heights, Ohio, Aug. 26

Retired Army Maj. Laurence Eugene Linden MBA’68, of Round Rock, Texas, Oct. 27

Dennis E. Ott ’70, of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, Oct. 25

Frederick Roy Woodside ’70, of Weston, Massachusetts, Sept. 2

Francis Xavier Fitzgerald MBA’70, of Berlin, Connecticut, Sept. 2

John F. Abeel Jr. ’71, of Madison, Connecticut, Jan. 30

Jay F. Blunt ’71, of Long Grove, Illinois, Nov. 12

William Thomas Kennedy MBA’71, of East Walpole, Massachusetts, Nov. 16

William John McKay Jr. MBA’71, of Mashpee, Massachusetts, Jan. 5

Shakir Samuel Shukri MBA’71, of North Grafton, Massachusetts, Sept. 4

Bruce Kenyon Lockhart Willard MBA’71, of Concord, Massachusetts, Oct. 25

Marshall Loren Pabst ’72, of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Dec. 3

David A. Mason Jr. ’73, of Centerville, Massachusetts, Dec. 19

Theodore L. Vitas ’74, of Hampton, New Hampshire, Oct. 25

Charles Thomas Cobb MBA’74, of Avon, Connecticut, Jan. 24

John Davis Miller Jr. MBA’74, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sept. 22

Thomas J. McQuaid ’75, MBA’76, P’06, of Norwood, Massachusetts, Dec. 19

Retired Army Col. John Michael Kain MBA’75, of Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota, Sept. 9

David M. Tagliamonte MBA’75, of Duxbury, Massachusetts, Sept. 22

Thomas Edward Broock MBA’76, of Brookings, Oregon, Nov. 5

Deborah Ann Herbert MBA’76, of Lexington, Massachusetts, Oct. 23

Joseph J. Travia Jr. MBA’76, of Reading, Massachusetts, Sept. 5

Donn Chandler Innes ’77, of Weatherly, Pennsylvania, Jan. 16

Fred Agostini Bortolussi Jr. MBA’77, of Walpole, Massachusetts, Dec. 10

Bruce Anderson Tobey MBA’77, P’08, of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Oct. 17

Robert John Gutmann ’78, of Billerica, Massachusetts, Nov. 26

Wendy Bel McLaughlin ’79, of Plymouth, Massachusetts, Oct. 9

Carol Bartnick Begley MBA’79, of Charlestown, Massachusetts, Jan. 13

Willard Barron Johnson III MBA’79, of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Nov. 3

Balsam S. Nashed MBA’79, of Arlington, Massachusetts, Jan. 17

Laura Jane Brown ’82, of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Oct. 17

Claire Mary Gorman MBA’82, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, Jan. 12

Daniel J. Rufo Jr. MBA’82, of Natick, Massachusetts, Oct. 7

John A. Sanford MBA’82, of Scituate, Massachusetts, Sept. 27

Santiago Alfonzo MBA’83, of Caracas, Venezuela, July 2

Stella Marcia Caregeorges MBA’83, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nov. 11

Petrie Kodzis ’85, of Lake Forest, California, Jan. 12

Sharon Pellegrino Stone MBA’87, of Glastonbury, Connecticut, Oct. 26

Robert H. Studley Jr. ’90, of Boxford, Massachusetts, Jan. 27

Nelson Hill Garman ’91, of Peaks Island, Maine, Jan. 25

Jeffrey Scott Sieswerda ’91, of Sherborn, Massachusetts, Oct. 29

Stephen Paul Hassell MBA’92, of Arlington, Massachusetts, Jan. 1

Stephen J. Brown ’97, of Harvard, Massachusetts, Sept. 13

Jonathan Lee McGowan ’97, of Venice, Florida, Dec. 27

Douglas Mayhew Sawyer MBA’98, of Seekonk, Massachusetts, Nov. 22

John Francis Marc-Aurele MBA’02, of Worcester, Massachusetts, Oct. 25

Sharon C. Taylor MBA’03, of Franklin, Massachusetts, Nov. 21

Steven David Woodward MBA’04, of Carmel, Indiana, April 1

Richard L. Kammerling, of Huntington Station, New York, Nov. 21, 2021

Thomas Stuart Moore, of Melrose, Massachusetts, Dec. 14

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