Honoring Babson Collaborative Members for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education

Babson Collaborative members share the belief that institutions acting together achieve more than each working alone.

In fact, this core belief has drawn more than two dozen institutions from 21 nations to the Babson Collaborative for Entrepreneurship Education. The Collaborative is a global institutional membership organization connecting colleges and universities around the world that are building and expanding their entrepreneurship ecosystems.

This year, Babson is honoring three impressive Collaborative member institutions with awards for excellence in advancing entrepreneurship education.

“We are thrilled to formally recognize and celebrate our colleagues from TBS Business School, Universidad de Piura, and EAE Business School with these awards,” said Amir Reza, dean of the Babson Academy & Global Education.

Spotlight Award: TBS Business School

Presented annually to a Collaborative member institution that demonstrates excellence and innovation in entrepreneurship education, the Spotlight Award highlights a particular innovation that is making a significant impact.

TBS Business School in Toulouse, France, won for its Seminar of Entrepreneurial Initiation (SEMIS). SEMIS is a four-day, intensive experiential learning program for 500 students in the Grande École Program. SEMIS students become intrapreneurs, working with peers, professors, and administrators to address internal challenges designed around the school’s values. The best solutions are meant to be implemented for the benefit of all.

“With SEMIS, students learn entrepreneurship through iterative, progressive, and reflective experiences and practices. The skills developed will serve them throughout their various careers, and more broadly, as they navigate increasingly complex times,” said Servane Delanoë-Gueguen, professor of entrepreneurship and chair of the Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Department at TBS.

“SEMIS is a prime example of how TBS lives our motto: inspiring education, inspiring life,” added Michaël Laviolette, professor of entrepreneurship, who created SEMIS together with Delanoë-Gueguen.

Member of the Year Award: Universidad de Piura

Universidad de Piura in Piura, Peru, received the Babson Collaborative Member of the Year Award. This award is presented annually to the Collaborative member institution most active in the Collaborative’s five pillars of entrepreneurship education: faculty development, student engagement, affiliation and networking, strengthening intellectual vitality, and entrepreneurial commitment.

Recipients of this award exemplify the vision of the Collaborative and serve as models for other members on how to utilize the global network for mutual benefit and growth.

“We are very proud of the 2020 Member of the Year Award and deeply grateful to Babson for this recognition that encourages us to keep improving,” said Fernando Barranzuela, dean of Business and Economics School at Universidad de Piura.

Champion of the Year Award: Marcelo Leporati, EAE Business School

Marcelo Leporati, director of strategic management, entrepreneurship, and innovation at EAE Business School received the Babson Collaborate Member of the Year Award. The award recognizes an individual for entrepreneurial leadership in the Collaborative and for encouraging engagement at all levels.

“Marcelo is the visionary and driving force behind the launch of the Collaborative Research Group within the Babson Collaborative,” said Jamie Kendrioski, director or the Babson Collaborative.

“He convened Collaborative members to identify and lead research in a variety of poignant topics, including entrepreneurial ecosystems, open innovation, and social entrepreneurship. I am deeply grateful for Marcelo’s leadership. What he has set into motion will benefit Collaborative members and the field of entrepreneurship education for many years to come.”

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