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To say that the pandemic and its subsequent economic fallout are unsettling would be an understatement. “Right now, many of us find ourselves in a situation that is beyond comprehension,” says Milka Milliance MBA’09, a career consultant and coach.

While we may be feeling uneasy and uncertain, Milliance believes that the pandemic has provided an opportunity to take stock of our lives and careers. We may not be able to control the future, she says, but we can control our outlook. “Here we are, globally trying to make sense and figure out what is going on,” she says. “As part of that, we are in a place to make some time to do some self-reflection.”

Milliance is the founder and CEO of Miami-based We R Artemis Leadership, which specializes in delivering women-centered leadership development and coaching services. She recently led a webinar, Building Resilience in a COVID-19 Job Market, for the Babson community. “What does it mean when you find yourself in a situation where you have to take stock of everything and recalibrate and reposition yourself in the job market?” she asks.

Milka Milliance MBA’09
Milka Milliance MBA’09 of We R Artemis Leadership

Milliance’s webinar is just one of a number of career resources that Babson is now offering to its community. If alumni suddenly face a job search in this tough economy, the College wants to be there to support them. “Babson should always be a place alumni can look to,” says Gerri Randlett, managing director of the Alumni and Friends Network. “We realize that, during this crisis, these are resources that alumni need more than ever.”

The Best in People

The Alumni and Friends Network, in partnership with Babson’s centers for career development, is offering alumni a comprehensive (and complimentary) array of resources. Alumni now have access to virtual domestic and international job fairs, as well as the online career programs Handshake and Vault, both of which contain job postings, instructional videos, and other helpful tools.

In addition to Milliance discussing the building of resilience, other webinars will focus on virtual relationship building, LinkedIn strategies, and the effect that COVID-19 is having on women’s lives and careers.

Babson also is offering coaching, whether one on one or in weekly group sessions. Helping with all these efforts are a number of volunteers from the Babson community. “We got a wonderful response from our community,” says Randlett. “It’s amazing how a crisis brings out the best in people.”

One of those volunteers is Milliance, who believes in giving back to the communities that are important to her. “We each have something unique we can share with others,” she says, “and I believe it’s our responsibility to do so or community ceases to exist.”

Where You Want to Go

In her webinar, Milliance begins by telling attendees to take a long look at themselves during this trying time. How has the pandemic affected them? How is their frame of mind? Stay informed, she advises, but don’t become obsessed with the news. Keep your perspective. “Don’t let what is happening in the world affect who you are,” she says. Find something to turn to as a source of strength and peace: prayer, yoga, meditation, running.

“Babson should always be a place alumni can look to. We realize that, during this crisis, these are resources that alumni need more than ever.”

Gerri Randlett, of Babson's Alumni and Friends Network

Then Milliance addresses the professional lives of attendees. She tells them to conduct a self-inventory. What are their skills and talents, motivations and values, strengths and weaknesses? With all its disruption, the pandemic is forcing us all to take a pause and reflect. “Really take the time to assess where you are right now and where you want to go,” she says.

Finding a great new job or pivoting to a whole other career can take time, she says, so remember that one’s working life is more a marathon than a speedy 5K. “Keep that perspective in mind, especially right now,” she says.

Indeed, these are challenging days, but a career full of possibilities still awaits. “Resilience is the ability to face adversity and bounce back even stronger,” says Milliance. “It is a tough time, but it can also propel you to do something greater.”

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