Summer 2020

From the President: ‘We Are Proud of You’

In this issue of Babson Magazine, we celebrate the Class of 2020. We commemorate the breadth of your Babson experience—replete with learning, friendship, connection, and growth—and we acknowledge the unique conclusion of your time on campus. Most importantly, we welcome you to the Babson alumni community, a network that will support and champion you throughout your careers and lives.

President Stephen Spinelli Jr. MBA’92, PhD

In 100 years, when historians reflect on the 21st century, 2020 will be a demarcation line—a year punctuated by events so profound and seismic that they shaped the arc of history. The Class of 2020 is inextricably linked to this transformative moment, these world-changing events. Your generation is being defined in real time, and your actions will determine the trajectory of communities, societies, and the world.

This spring, when global circumstances necessitated our rapid transition to virtual learning, the Class of 2020 demonstrated flexibility, agility, grace under pressure, and strength in adversity. The unexpected culmination of your Babson careers has shown that you are equipped and ready to thrive amid uncertainty and lead in a chaotic world.

In crisis, you took action. You provided long-distance assistance to help women in Ghana launch and grow their own food ventures. You brought together actors, singers, and dancers for Babson’s first stay-at-home musical. You ran impromptu marathons to raise critical funds for local communities. You inspired Babson’s faculty to reimagine the definition of a classroom.

As entrepreneurial leaders, challenges are your opportunities. More than ever, the world needs leaders who can employ the power of thinking and acting entrepreneurially to produce scalable solutions to complex and urgent problems. The Babson community is prepared to innovate, tackle big challenges, and lead with empathy.

It will be a tremendous and historic celebration when our community is able to gather and congratulate the Class of 2020 in person next spring. We are proud of you, we support you, and we look forward to celebrating your achievements and cheering you on as you change the world.

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