We’re Answering Your Questions About Learning Together This Fall

Learning Together

On Wednesday, July 1, just one day after announcing our Babson Together, return to campus plan, we launched into our first of many related Instagram Q&As via @babsoncollege.

First up: Learning Together. With the help of Associate Deans of the Undergraduate and Graduate schools, Wendy Murphy and Sebastian Fixson, we helped answer your most pressing questions about academic changes this fall.

Visit the Babson Together site to find answers to additional questions, and follow along as we cover a variety of plan-related topics in the next few weeks.

Can I take all of my classes online?

In short, yes! Each class will be offered either as 100% online or hybrid, but all classes are accessible to all students regardless of whether they are on campus.

How has Babson strengthened its online learning experience?

We’ve made a multi-million dollar investment in faculty training, hardware, and software. This summer, we’re intentionally redesigning the whole curriculum for hybrid/online success.

How will Babson prepare me for this new learning environment before classes start?

All students returning to Babson will participate in a required onboarding program to help prepare for and better understand new expectations for the fall semester.

How will the Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) course transition to the online learning environment?

FME will be accessible for all first-year students, no matter if they’re studying on campus or remotely from home. It has been enhanced to include online collaborative teams and an online business development component, skills that are more important now than ever.

When will first year students know our class schedules and choose our courses?

First year registration is the week of July 13.

Will fully online courses be taught at a set time or can I take class whenever it’s convenient for me?

Our faculty will design online course offerings to take advantage of both synchronous and asynchronous learning for different types of content, just like the traditional classroom experience.

I live in a different time zone. Will classes be recorded so that I can watch them later?

Recording sessions will be at the discretion of the faculty leading the course, but yes, they will have this capability.

Can I schedule a 1:1 with my professors? Are office hours available?

Of course! Though, the delivery format may be virtual. Plan to connect with your faculty member directly to coordinate throughout the fall semester.

Can international students take online classes?

The International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) team is closely monitoring all COVID-19-related adjustments from the U.S. Government and will communicate updates to international students as soon as information is available. Individual circumstances may vary.

If I choose to be 100% online, what’s the minimum requirement of classes I should take?

Academic Advisors are available to assist with any questions you may have regarding your program or academics. Email gradacademicservices@babson.edu (grad) or academicservices@babson.edu(undergrad) to schedule a 1-1 appointment via WebEx or phone.

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