Babson Faculty and Staff Run Pumps Up Student Fund

Three staff members run on the road

Babson’s faculty and staff braved the rising heat the morning after the busy Commencement Day ceremonies to complete a 10k run known as the Faculty and Staff Run to Support Students.

The annual spring run raised $5,550 for an emergency fund that helps students pay for basic necessities in the event of an unexpected event like the pandemic.

Babson employees in front of the Babson World Globe after a run
From left: Rob Major, Amir Reza, Kristen Getchell, and Richard Cleary celebrate this year’s Faculty and Staff Run for Students.

“The nice thing is that we are bringing awareness to this fund that many people are not aware exists,” Rob Major said. A co-founder of the run, Major is the director of the undergraduate administration department.

The third annual event drew 11 runners from different departments across Babson, along with 79 donors, who added $5,550 to the Student Emergency Fund.

The fund pays for basic necessities for Babson students impacted by an emergency or some other unexpected event during the school year. It was originally created during the pandemic to help students with travel or storage costs as well as paying for the basic needs of students who needed to stay on campus.

“This fund really makes a difference for students who are in a difficult situation,” Major said.

Some of the group’s runners, such as Major, hit the streets around Babson. Others decided to complete the roughly 6-mile run closer to home, and one new member even completed the course on her treadmill—all for a good cause.

“It’s nice to see this event evolving into a community-building experience,” Major said. “Our plan is to recruit more runners next year and continue to widen the reach of this fundraising endeavor.”

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