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Emergency Fund

Amid the pandemic, giving back has never been more essential. Not surprisingly, the Babson community has risen to the challenge, rallying to support students in need.

More than 1,400 alumni, parents, and friends have stepped up to help those most affected by the pandemic by contributing to the Emergency Fund.

“The College has had a long history of folks providing support to students on an ad-hoc basis,” says Ryan Travia, associate dean of students for wellness. “It seemed like an opportune moment where we could mobilize and centralize these efforts.”

Leading with Their Hearts

The fund was established in the first few days of the pandemic to help students with immediate needs such as flights and storage costs. Reserves also assisted students who were forced to remain on campus during the spring due to travel restrictions and unsafe conditions.

As of late June, more than $310,000 has been donated to the fund, which remains essential, assisting students with everything from Wi-Fi and other technology to rent and groceries for those who have lost jobs and internships. The continuing need is only expected to grow when students arrive back on campus.

Looking for another way to support students as they return to campus this fall? Fund a care package that will be waiting for them in their rooms when they arrive.

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“I’ve always been struck by the tremendous ethic of care folks in the Babson community demonstrate for one another,” Travia says. “Folks are leading with their hearts and finding the opportunity to provide what they can, when they can.”

Student applications to the fund are reviewed typically in less than a day. The average award is approximately $850.

“The tremendous response from people on campus and around the world demonstrates that when times are tough, the Babson community comes together in inspiring ways,” says Edward Chiu, the Governor Craig R. Benson Endowed Senior Vice President for Advancement.

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published in March and has been updated to reflect the tremendous generosity of the Babson community to the Emergency Fund.

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