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BabsonDiscover Webinar Series

It’s simple really.

The world has gone digital. And, we all have a lot to learn.

In light of the ongoing global pandemic, Babson’s many departments, centers, and institutes have come together to do what they do best—collectively educate the world’s most entrepreneurial leaders.

Within days of moving into a virtual learning environment—and in the most Babson startup way possible—the College launched a brand new webinar series, aptly named BabsonDiscover.

“When we knew that we weren’t going to be able to do any in-person activity … we went back to the idea that we should always be the place (Babson’s network) can turn to for education and idea creation,” said Gerri Randlett, managing director of the Alumni and Friends Network at Babson.

Better Together

More than 42,000 people, all around the world, make up Babson’s global network. And, they expect the very best in entrepreneurship and opportunity-driven education from the College, especially when times are tough.

At Babson, said Randlett, we may not be the first to look at this crisis and say, ‘let’s study the virus.’ “We say, OK, this is what is happening to the world right now. How can we prepare ourselves, our businesses, our communities, to get through this? How do we prepare for the other side? I feel our view is hopeful,” she shared.

Featuring an all-star lineup of faculty, staff, alumni, and friends, the series looks to educate and engage the community in solving the unique challenges of today, and to work through what may come tomorrow.

It also is co-led by just about every resource area on campus. From the Stephen D. Cutler Center for Finance and Investments, to Babson Executive Education, and The Lewis Institute for Social Innovation. The topics range from Building Your Professional Brand to the Leading Nonprofits During Crisis.

Opportunities Ahead

“We should treat this crisis as an opportunity to be entrepreneurial leaders ourselves,” said Candida Brush, vice provost of global entrepreneurial leadership at Babson, who led a related webinar as one of the first in the series.

“We just have so much to offer,” said Randlett. “I think when we’re all running at our regular pace and living our separate lives on campus, we don’t even realize we’re working toward similar goals.”

Once things return to normal, “I hope these new partnerships are stronger than ever,” added Brush, speaking to the positive action, collaboration, and impact that has come from Babson’s many focus areas joining forces for the good of its community. “I hope we can be that much more entrepreneurial in everything we do.”

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