Celebrating the Graduate Class of 2020

Babson’s graduate Class of 2020 will long be remembered as students who propelled themselves past ambiguous circumstances.

The group embraced the challenge of an online transition, and did so in seamless fashion, collaborating on a product for the future from across the world, virtually carrying on a consulting and entrepreneurial action project, and shifting a course to learn from the state of the pandemic. 

When asked what they’ll look back on about their time at Babson, students pointed to the feeling of being in a welcoming environment.

“My friends were my backbone during my program,” said Raed Attia MS’20. “We supported each other like family.”

Through overcoming hardship, these graduates, like Hector Manuel Alcaraz MS’20, became closer than ever before.

“What I’m going to miss the most about my Babson experience is the interaction with my fellow students from different industries, and the unique knowledge they bring with them into the classroom,” he said.

Awarded for Scholarship and Entrepreneurial Leadership

This ability to overcome has invigorated professors and College leaders, including Keith Rollag, dean of the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business.

“You supported one another and demonstrated tenacity in reaching your goals,” Rollag wrote in a letter addressed to the Class of 2020. “Your ability to connect with each other and with the Babson community helped to ensure you came through an unprecedented spring semester together.”

For this work, graduate students were honored with scholarship, leadership, and entrepreneurship awards, among other recognitions.



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