Career Advice and Expertise from Babson’s Own

In national media and published books, Babson faculty recently shared advice for professionals interested in working in international education, explained how independent contractors could benefit from a revamped labor market, and discussed the benefits of becoming emotionally vulnerable in an office environment.

Considering a Career in International Education?

Amir Reza, vice provost for International & Multicultural Education, co-wrote “Careers in International Education: A Guide for New Professionals.” The book guides professionals interested in a career in international education through their first five to seven years in the industry. It also features essays from international education leaders, and other tools, and resources.

Becoming Emotionally Vulnerable to Build Workplace Relationships

Tina Opie, associate professor in the Management Division, shared her expertise on Harvard Business Review podcast Woman At Work following a recent study of workplace relationships. The episode is a continuation of a series on how women approach sisterhood in an office environment.

Emotional vulnerability can lead to high-quality relations in the workplace, according to the Harvard Business Review, and research suggests some women feel they cannot be emotionally vulnerable to build such relationships.

3 Ways to Help Independent Workers

Diane Mulcahy, adjunct lecturer of entrepreneurship, proposed three strategies in revamping the labor market in an article she wrote for Forbes.

Mulcahy suggested eliminating the self-employment tax, extending health insurance breaks to all workers, and extending basic protections to all workers. She stated between 30 and 40 percent of today’s workforce are independent contractors, and with those numbers expected to rise, it would make sense to provide benefits and protections to all employees if a labor market were to be built from scratch.

Visiting Lecturer Named to Company’s Board of Directors

Visiting lecturer Brad Johnson was one of two professionals named to Dorel Industries Inc.’s board of directors. Based in Montreal, the company designs and manufacturers bicycles and home furnishings. Before Babson, Johnson was a vice president at Wayfair, and also founded and led operations at Intrepid Learning Solutions. Currently, he is a strategic advisor for fulfillment company

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