Class of 2027 Blank Scholars Bring Ideas and Enthusiasm to Campus

Headshots (clockwise from top left) of Tia Bhalla, Madaket 'Maddie" Stoltz, Charles Price, Annie Chan, Everett Steven, and Nuchaba "Nuch" Scholte.

As the first cohort of the Arthur M. Blank School for Entrepreneurial Leadership Scholars prepares to graduate in May, the newest scholars are just beginning their Babson experience. As the most recent recipients of the scholarship, which is presented by the Arthur M. Blank School for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson College, the fourth class of scholars come to Babson with both specific dreams for their future and an open-mindedness for what’s next.

Expanding on what you already know while finding new solutions to pursue and challenges to address—it’s what entrepreneurial leadership and Babson are all about.

“The opportunity to immerse myself in a community of entrepreneurial-minded peers, creating a robust environment to exchange ideas and solve real-world challenges together is unique to Babson,” Nuchaba (Nuch) Scholte ’27 says. “My experiences have encouraged me to think outside the box, challenge conventional norms, and approach tasks from different angles, and I hope to broaden those new perspectives.”

For students such as Scholte, who in high school ran a virtual summer camp for students with special needs, the scholarship expands the opportunities they can seize while also crystallizing their dreams into concrete plans. That flexibility and support allows students to pursue solutions to real, global problems such as climate change, unemployment, and gender equality in sports through an entrepreneurial, creative lens.

“It’s an honor to be with like-minded peers who are equally passionate about creativity and business and how it all connects,” Everett Steven ’27 says. “I can’t wait to learn from them.”

We caught up with the newest cohort, including Scholte, Steven, Tia Bhalla ’27, Annie Chan ’27, Charles Price ’27, and Madaket (Maddie) Stoltz ’27, as they started the semester.

Tia Bhalla ’27

Photo of Tia Bhalla
Tia Bhalla ’27

Bhalla, the daughter of an entrepreneur, co-founded Project Dhara in May 2019, a social initiative that seeks to mitigate the water crisis in Delhi, India. She hopes to find more sustainable solutions to address climate change.

What are your career goals?

“A core passion of mine has always been environmental sustainability, which acted as a catalyst for an increased curiosity for the potential of entrepreneurial and technological creativity to create systems of sustainable change that would begin to transform our relationship with our ecosystem.

“(I want to) develop environmental policy as well as sustainable products that take into consideration the needs of conventionally excluded populations as well as speak to efficiency, optimization, and fairness.”

Annie Chan ’27

Photo of Annie Chan
Annie Chan ’27

Chan, an artist and founder of the apparel company A.C. Designs, sees her future being fueled by a nexus of creativity and entrepreneurial thought.

How have your past experiences affected your future goals?

“I hope to grow my entrepreneurial knowledge and use the marketing and financial skills I’ve learned to innovate sustainable products and run a successful and impactful business one day.

“Through various activities, I developed my leadership skills and saw the value of giving back to others. As a leader, I’ve learned how to share my skills with others and even how to strengthen my weaknesses by learning from others.”

What does being a Blank Scholar mean to you?

“I’m joining a group of supportive leaders and entrepreneurs with whom I can share new ideas and exchange feedback. Joining such a driven and encouraging group gives me the confidence and motivation to keep working toward my dream of making a positive impact on the world.”

Charles Price ’27

Photo of Charles Price
Charles Price ’27

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Price started a window-washing business. That experience helped him see entrepreneurship as a way to help others pursue their dreams.

If you could tackle one global problem, what would it be?

“Unemployment is an issue that can be fixed and will benefit everyone. It takes people who are willing to address it. I want to help address it.”

How did you get into window washing?

“I used to work for my municipality, but my position got cut in 2020 when COVID hit. I did some basic math: If I wash a few houses this summer for a couple of hundred dollars each, that would be similar to what I made working for the city. I decided to try it.

“I started knocking on doors. It took off. I had to hire two employees right away. We did over a hundred houses that summer. This summer (2023) … we do about 25 to 30 houses a week. I work with my friends. That’s the part I enjoy the most, being able to employ other people and give them a sense of doing something.”

“It’s an honor to be with like-minded peers who are equally passionate about creativity and business and how it all connects. I can’t wait to learn from them.”
Everett Steven ’27

Nuchaba (Nuch) Scholte ’27

Photo of Nuchaba Scholte
Nuchaba Scholte ’27

As she led her class of campers every day, while also covering other organizational needs for the camp, Scholte learned she loved being a leader. As she explores options at Babson, she strives to find a career that combines her passion for service and leadership.

What do you hope to accomplish at Babson?

“At Babson, I aspire to connect with other innovative minds, collaborating on projects that tackle real-world issues we share a passion for. Through this, I aim to enhance my skills of teamwork, creativity, and the art of turning challenges into opportunities. I hope these experiences, coupled with inspiring professors and strong internships, will propel my career forward.”

Everett Steven ’27

Photo of Everett Steven
Everett Steven ’27

Steven, an Eagle Scout from Minnesota, spent a lot of his childhood exploring nature and wants to use his education to help address the climate crisis.

What are you passionate about?

“One of the things I am passionate about is the environment and nature. That’s influenced by scouting and growing up in Minnesota with the lakes and taking trips to the Boundary Waters (Canoe Area Wilderness). I bonded with my grandparents through fishing and camping.

“Here in Minnesota, it’s been upward of mid-90-degree days. I saw in the newspaper that if you go fishing, you can’t release them because they will overheat and die. The water in Florida is reaching 100 degrees. It’s a clock that’s ticking down, happening to all of us. We need to work with global connections to come up with solutions to this pressing issue.”

Madaket (Maddie) Stoltz ’27

Photo of Madaket Stoltz
Madaket Stoltz ’27

Soccer goalie Stoltz has been practicing her entrepreneurial leadership skills on the soccer field, as her position requires her to take in what’s happening and react quickly, but thoughtfully. As she pursues entrepreneurship, Stoltz hopes to expand access to athletic opportunities for all genders.

What is the proudest moment of your life so for?

“One of them is getting MVP for goalkeeper. You see that your team has your back and that they view you as someone they can turn to and trust. That they know you have their back in return. You’re not just going through the motions; you’re making an impact and people can see that and believe in you.”

Of Blank’s six leadership qualities (Put People First, Listen and Respond, Include Everyone, Innovate Continuously, Lead by Example, and Give Back to Others), which one do you most identify with?

“‘Put People First’—entrepreneurship isn’t just about making money; it’s about making impact in other people’s lives. You’re a problem solver. You can either let something keep being a problem or step up and find a way to solve it and make things better. You want other people to succeed because of what you’re doing.”

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