Meet Roger, Babson College’s Community Resource Dog

Babson Police Officer Kevin Carrigan knows it’s a cliché. But, when he met a 5-month-old puppy a few weeks ago while in search of a Babson community resource dog at Golden Opportunities for Independence, he felt an instant connection.

“I knew once I saw the dog that this was going to be something special, and the community would feel the same way I felt,” he said.

That dog, an English cream golden retriever, has since affectionately been named “Roger,” and if his first few days on campus are any indication, he’s already a hit with students.

The Newest Member of the Community

Carrigan considers Roger a central member of the community that epitomizes One Babson, someone everyone can care for, relate to, and be comforted by. On a recent afternoon walk up College Drive, it was impossible for students to pass by without petting him and saying, “Hello.”

“This is a special time. We’ve never done anything like this before,” said Carrigan, Roger’s primary handler. “Knowing Babson and what it’s all about, it will bring a special twist to the community, something we have a common vested interest in.”

Currently in training four mornings a week to become a certified community resource dog, Roger is expected to be on campus during afternoon hours and will call Carrigan’s home his own during evenings.

“Having something that everyone is mutually invested in, and excited about, can bring so much school spirit and connection.”

SGA President Andrea Lindner '22

Outside of him taking strolls on campus and attending events, the College anticipates using Roger to respond to emotional, mental, and physical health emergencies and serve as a calming influencer. Research has shown being in the presence of a companion animal can offer mental, social, and physiological health benefits.

“The options for this are endless,” Carrigan said. “It’s a way to connect, a mediation point between how somebody can interact with me.”

Spurring Happiness

The College’s Student Government Association has played an indispensable role in bringing Roger to Wellesley. The student body originally pitched the idea, and the SGA is providing the funding for Roger.

SGA President Andrea Lindner ’22 said Roger will help drive the feelings of community, health, happiness, and partnership on campus.

“He will have a lasting impact,” she said. “Who doesn’t love a puppy?”

Advancement is contributing and working to get alumni involved as well, as the campus department has made Biz-E Beaver-themed dog toys and Babson College leashes available for purchase, with proceeds supporting Roger’s well-being.

“Having something that everyone is mutually invested in, and excited about, can bring so much school spirit and connection throughout the community,” Lindner said.

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