Renewed Focus for the Kerry Murphy Healey Center for Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Kerry Murphy Healey Center for Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship has a new name and a renewed focus, as it looks to create health, economic, and social value for all, with a focus on health equity and justice.

The KMH Center—formerly the Kerry Murphy Healey Center for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship, which was launched in 2019—defines the health sector to include healthcare delivery, medical devices, digital health, and drug development, taking a holistic approach to change in sector practices and policy. The center aims to provide cutting-edge experiential learning, research, and advanced education and mentoring to entrepreneurial leaders in the health sector globally, including more than 1,400 Babson alumni in the health sector.

The center is led by Founding Faculty Director, Wiljeana Glover, the Stephen C. and Carmella R. Kletjian Foundation Distinguished Professor of Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship; and Acting Executive Director Cheryl Kiser, who also is the executive director of the Institute for Social Innovation and Babson Social Innovation Lab.

The KMH Center’s experiential learning activities activities include the Global Health Innovation Lab in partnership with The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) in Rwanda. Its research activities include 16 faculty who explore current trends in health innovation, entrepreneurship, analytics, health equity, and employee health and well-being. And, its advanced education and mentoring activities provide continuing educational opportunities and executive certificates on Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Health Sector, Inclusive Innovation and Commercialization Programs, and Executive and Employee Wellness offerings.

The Kerry Murphy Healey Center for Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship is planning several events for National Public Health Week (April 4–10), with a major event for Global Health Day on April 7, re-airing Bending the Arc from Dr. Paul Farmer and including several of his former colleagues who collaborate with the center.

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