It’s a Babson Snow Day. What Now?

Snow Day

Chances are your morning looked like this: You woke up. You immediately checked your email. You knew exactly what you were looking for. The official word from on high.

Yes, there it is. It’s official. Today is a snow day! So, what do you do next? Lucky for you, Babson’s campus is filled with adventures big and small to fill your unexpected free day.

Lost on what to do? Here are a few ideas.

Never seen snow? Play in it!

If you’re one of the many Babson students who come from warmer climates around the world, chances are you may have never seen snow.

“One of my favorite snow day memories was with [my friends] . . . one was from the Dominican Republic and it was her first snow day . . . we played in the snow on our way to Trim,” says Emily Levy ’16.

What are the best snow spots? One of the best: the upper fields. “It is pretty much untouched and pure snow,” says Hari Mahesh ’19. Mahesh grew up in Seattle and didn’t have much exposure to what he calls “pure snow that was picturesque like Christmas movies.”

Once you find that perfect spot, get to work on creating something.

“I built a huge snowman on my first Babson snow day with friends who were also from places where it doesn’t snow,” says Rachel Pardue ’19. “It was such a fun memorable day.”

Make snow angels. Build snowmen. Have snowball fights. Enjoy it! Just remember to bundle up, stay warm, and be safe!

Explore the neighborhood

Between studying, activities, and going to class, you may not get to explore the surrounding Babson neighborhood all that often.

Michael Ioffe ’21 says the best thing to do on a snow day is make your way down to Café Nero on Washington Street. “Grab a Brie sandwich and some hot chocolate,” recommends Ioffe. He also suggests trudging through the Sudbury Aqueduct Trail (which crosses Babson) to see Lake Waban frozen over on Wellesley’s campus. Just wait until Babson’s facilities team and the town of Wellesley clear the roads so they are safe for travel.

Speaking of Instagram, want to take some #winterwonderland photos? Head behind Van Winkle on the path toward Boston Sports Club. “It is a great place for a photo shoot because you have the trees with the snow in the background,” says Mahesh.

Stock up and stay in

If you are lucky enough to know about the storm ahead of time, head to the grocery store and stock up on ingredients to cook, advises Mahesh. The allure of the snow may wear off quickly. This way, you will be able to stay nice and warm.

Hanson Grant ’16 has a strong recommendation: do “anything but Netflix.” If you are staying in, maybe flex your Babson muscles and “start a business,” he says. He’s half-joking (but mostly serious).

If you are looking for a little relevant reading, dive into Professor Michael Goldstein’s research on the value of snow to uncover how investments in snow can pay high dividends.

If you don’t want to stay in your room, but you want to stay out of the cold, Pardue suggests Olin. “Snow days are a great time to go to the Olin cafeteria and sit upstairs,” says Pardue. “It’s all windows and has a great view of the snowy campus.”

Trim sitting also is a crowd favorite.

No matter how you plan to spend the day—braving the cold, staying bundled up, or inventing the next big thing—make sure you take advantage of and make the most of the time. Make it yours! And, tag your photos with #BabsonSnow to inspire your peers to make it their own, too.

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