From Faculty, a Sincere ‘Thank You’

In the midst of the holiday season, the entire Babson College community has so much for which to be thankful.

We’re thankful for each and every one of you and the many ways you stay connected to Babson College, and we frequently hear about the impact faculty had on you, your careers, and your lives.

“One of the nicest things that can happen to a professor is to hear from a former student in the form of a thank you,” said Associate Professor of Accounting Bob Turner. “In some way, their professor stretched their imagination, challenged them to be more than they thought they were capable of, or had an impact on their personal or professional life.”

They likewise have learned from you.

“We would be remiss if we failed to offer the same thank yous to our former students,” Turner said. “You have enriched our lives, added to the classroom discussion, (and) spread your entrepreneurial thinking around the world. A college is only as great as its engaged alums. We, the faculty, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

John H. Muller Jr. Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies Andrew Zacharakis said calls and emails from former students are highlights of his week.

“I always have a sense of pride when I see former students who’ve launched (or are launching) exciting new businesses,” he said. “It reinforces why I love teaching at Babson.”

Julie Levinson, professor of film and chair of the Arts and Humanities division, expressed gratitude for the curiosity and intellectual engagement students bring to the classroom.

“I feel privileged to teach at a college with such astute students from so many different cultures and backgrounds—and with such a wide array of perspectives and passions,” Levinson said.

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