5 Questions with Josh Eby ’18

Josh Eby

It only took one campus visit for Josh Eby ’18 to realize Babson was the right school for him.

“I realized on that first visit that Babson is a unique environment,” he said. “Students are passionate about studying business but pursue other interests with just as much zeal.”

Even before visiting, he knew about Babson’s reputation as a top-ranked business school, and its impressive alumni outcomes. But that visit, and a generous financial aid package, ultimately helped seal the deal.

“My financial aid package made a private education more accessible than at the other institutions I was accepted,” he said. “For my family, financial considerations were a very important deciding factor.”

That financial aid package helped make Eby’s Babson education possible. An education that included valuable experiences in and out of the classroom, including a semester abroad in the BRIC program. Today he’s using his entrepreneurial mindset in a career as a consultant with BerryDunn. We spoke with him to learn about his Babson experience.

What is your favorite Babson memory?

“This is hard! My mind immediately goes to the SKA St. Petersburg game that almost my entire BRIC cohort attended. It was an amazing atmosphere, and we got to see some of the best hockey players in the world.

“Then there is BRIC itself. Growing up, I never thought I’d have the chance to travel to Russia, China, and India. I’m incredibly grateful to Babson for giving me this opportunity and instilling in me a lifelong passion for travel and exploring different cultures.

“There’s also the Honors Program—picking up my thesis at the Canon Copy Center was one of the most rewarding accomplishments in my academic career. The Honors Program allowed students and faculty to remove the formal barrier between us and enjoy dinner and a show as friends.”

What do you wish you had known about Babson before you became a student?

“I have always been prone to tunnel vision. I chose Babson because of the great business education and the great career placement outcomes. However, I was unaware of the impact that other parts of the Babson experience would have on me.

“Applying to BRIC is perhaps the greatest decision I have made in my life. I was able to travel the world with amazing friends, and learn about new cultures and history. Upon returning, I was able to pursue my newly found interest in Russian history and culture at Wellesley College with Professor Nina Tumarkin, considered to be an expert in her field. As a history fan, I was thrilled I could satisfy this passion through cross-registering at Wellesley and by writing my thesis under the advisement of Professor Marjorie Feld.

“I can testify that Babson students can truly explore the liberal arts and round out their educational experience. I wouldn’t trade my time at Babson for the world.”

How did financial aid make your Babson education possible?

“The initial financial aid package I was offered blew me and my family out of the water. It was more than double what I was awarded anywhere else. I guess you can say we started off on the right foot.

“I was a student assistant in Student Financial Services [SFS] for about three years, and I loved every minute of it. Whenever I had questions or concerns, I would just walk into my financial aid counselor’s office and ask! The office loves to help students figure out how to finance their Babson education. I attribute my current job to my time spent working in SFS and coming to really enjoy working in higher education administration.”

What impact has your Babson education had on your career?

“I have come to realize that I have carried an entrepreneurial mindset into my role as a consultant with BerryDunn. I have ideas for new services and a drive to see them implemented. My education wasn’t limited to the classroom. Most of my client work at BerryDunn is in higher education. My experience in SFS has prepared me well for how colleges and universities operate and allows me to relate to clients.”

What advice do you have for future Babson students?

“I would bet that your career aspirations will change between now and when you graduate. I thought I wanted to do investment banking, but as I progressed through Babson, I realized that consulting is where I wanted to be. Take advantage of everything that college offers, because a college environment is hard to find anywhere else. The exposure to different people, cultures, interests, etc., that college provides is something to cherish. I didn’t have this exposure growing up, and I’m much the better for it now.”


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