Class of 2024: The Marketer

Jake Ross poses for a photo while pointing to a screen with his venture's website

Jake Ross ’24 spent a terrifying period in eighth grade with his eyes stitched shut while eating through a feeding tube after he was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. The rare mucous membrane disorder is deadly if not caught soon enough, and as Ross healed in darkness, his mother started buying him sports trading cards and reading the players’ names to him. Ross’ card-trading hobby sparked by that experience became a key tenant of Build You Marketing, a venture in which Ross seeks to build an organic fan network for the ventures he markets, including a host of Babson student businesses.  

Ross reflected on his time at Babson as part of our ongoing series spotlighting the Class of 2024 ahead of the College’s Commencement ceremonies May 11. 

What are your post-graduation plans? 

“I will be working full-time on my company that I started sophomore year—Build You Marketing: a full-service brand growth agency that builds a community of fans around our client’s product/service.”  

What is your favorite Babson memory? 

“Honestly, it’s just all of the nights staying up until 2 to 3 a.m. in the eTower common room working on my venture with other people I lived with. Nothing beats those moments where we are all writing on the walls and geeking out about our companies. I’ll definitely miss those times.” 

Do you have a favorite class or professor? 

“There are so many professors that I love. It wouldn’t be fair to just choose one. So many of them have had a profound impact on my Babson experience. I can name some of my favorite classes though—Taxes, Personal Finance, and Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship are at the top of my list without a doubt. They are all so unique—well maybe Tax class isn’t, but I really enjoyed it.” 

How has Babson prepared you for your career/life? 

“Tremendously. I always say that I would not be running my own business out of college if I was at any other school. The Arthur M. Blank Center, Summer Venture Program, professors, alumni, and the overall community are unique. There is no place so startup oriented. I LOVE IT.” 

Do you have any advice for first-year students? 

“Take action and stay consistent. If you have an idea, just give it a go. Most importantly, take advantage of the Babson resources such as the Blank Center, club events, and more!” 

What makes the Class of 2024 special? 

“Probably our COVID year. It was a unique bonding experience that we will never forget. We experienced a version of college that was never seen before and may never happen again.” 

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