Babson College Named the Best College for Business Majors by Money Magazine

Babson College was named No. 1 among Best Colleges for Business Majors by Money magazine.

The rankings, released Tuesday, focus on affordability and outcomes. Money scored colleges based on the median salaries of recent alumni with business degrees, as well as the number and share of recent graduates earning bachelor’s degrees in business.

Babson topped the Money rankings, which cited the College’s median earnings for recent business graduates at $66,350, and early career earnings of $106,600. The magazine noted a recent report by Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW) that found that business degrees “lead to median earnings that are roughly 10 times what graduates own in student debt payments.”

In its analysis of Babson, Money wrote: “Business is in Babson’s D.N.A. From the start, the college has focused on business education, and today the college offers a single undergraduate degree: a B.S. in business. Students get hands-on experience from the get-go, launching a startup business as part of a freshmen team. The list of ventures started by alums spans a range of sizes and industries, including home security company Ring, craft brewing company Peak, and the fitness brand Zumba.”

Babson—the longtime No. 1 school for entrepreneurship—earlier this year ranked No. 13 on Money’s list of the Best Colleges in America, and ranked in the top 10 for long-term return on investment by CEW.

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