Trivia Time: How Well Do You Know Babson?

The Roger Babson statue stands with the Babson World Globe behind it

Think you know a lot about Babson? Take the following quiz to test your knowledge of the College’s history and minutia. The questions are taken from last week’s Beaver Bowl, a long-standing annual trivia contest held on campus.

The Questions

1. How many tons does the Babson World Globe weigh?

2. What year did Roger Babson run for president of the United States?

Beaver Bowl
Students celebrate their knowledge of all things Babson at the Beaver Bowl, a long-standing annual trivia contest held last week at Trim Dining Hall. (Photo Credit: Praveen Fernando MBA’24)

3. The furriest member of the Babson Public Safety department is a golden retriever named what?

4. Order these buildings from oldest constructed to newest constructed: Tomasso Hall, Woodland Hills, Knight Auditorium.

5. What year did Biz E. Beaver receive its official name?

6. What Boston pro sports team used Babson’s gym during its preseason workouts in the 1960s?

7. What was the name of the first pub on campus that opened in 1974?

8. The Stoop used to be referred to by this name.

9. What does the leadership position CAA stand for?

10. Name two of the many on-campus locations named after past Babson presidents.

Roger Babson and the Globe
Roger Babson speaks at the dedication of the Babson World Globe in 1955. See question No. 1.

The Answers

1. The Babson World Globe weighs 25 tons.

2. Roger Babson ran for president in 1940.

3. Babson Public Safety’s golden retriever is named Roger.

Roger Babson runs for president
In what year did Roger Babson run for president? Check out the answer to No. 2.

4. The three buildings were constructed in the following order: Woodland (1916), Knight (1923), Tomasso (1939).

5. Biz E. Beaver received his official name in 2010.

6. The pro team that played on campus in the 1960s was the Boston Celtics.

7. The first pub on campus was the Beaver Brau.

8. The Stoop used to be referred to as The Hill.

9. CAA stands for College Advancement Ambassador.

10. Campus landmarks named after past Babson presidents include: Babson Hall, Barefoot Park, Coleman Hall, Glavin Family Chapel, Kriebel Hall, Healey Park, Sorenson Atrium, Trim Dining Hall, Schlesinger Innovation Center

Your Score

Roger Babson in top hat
Your scores are looking sharp.

So, how did you do?

If you have nine or 10 correct—Congratulations. You truly bleed green.

If you have six, seven, or eight correct—Nice job. Biz E. Beaver is proud of you.

If you have one to five correct—You have some work to do. Bone up on your Babson expertise.

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