Sunny Day Welcomes New Students to Campus

On Thursday, Babson’s campus filled with the intermittent sounds you might expect to hear standing next to a rollercoaster. There was a burst of cheers, followed by calming silence, only for the excitement to come alive again moments later.

That sound, emitting from the entrance to campus as cars turned onto College Drive, was of enthusiastic students welcoming the Class of 2026 for move-in day.

Move-in day was a campus-wide, all-hands-on-deck event, with everyone from student-athletes to peer mentors to Roger the dog dressed in green and helping out the incoming class. They greeted vehicles, directed traffic, handed over OneCards, and pushed bins through the residence halls.

This collective helping hand was the new class’ first taste of the warm, supportive Beaver spirit. “Moving day is overwhelming. Coming to college is overwhelming,” said Ellie Powers ‘25, a member of the field hockey team and move-in volunteer working at Park Manor North. “Being able to put new students at ease and make them feel more comfortable helps.”

On a sunny, humid day, students unloaded their Target furniture, seltzer 12-packs, and roller bags into their new rooms, alongside their roommates, resident advisors, and fellow Babson Beavers.

Moving into one of Babson’s 18 residence halls, the students came from near and far, this year hailing from over 35 states and 40 countries. Prashant Mishra ‘26 traveled from Bangalore, India. “The check-in was long, but move-in has been comfortable,” Mishra said. After going through the whole process, he now stood with his parents in his room in Park Manor Central, the three of them able to take a collective deep breath.

The hard part was over, and the fun could begin. First off were meetings with floormates and RAs, campus barbecues, and resource fairs. The first day of classes awaited on Monday.

“I’m excited,” Mishra said. “Now, I look forward to spending time with people on my floor. I am ready.”

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