Amplifying Family Business

Babson College Amplifier Course

Genetics alone doesn’t guarantee success in a family business—there’s much more that goes into being an effective part of that kind of enterprise.

That’s where the Family Entrepreneurship Amplifier program comes in. As part of the Institute for Family Entrepreneurship (IFE), the Amplifier focuses on readying students for eventually becoming part of their family business. Babson’s original mission was to provide a solid business education to future generations who would eventually become part of their family’s companies, and this course adds to that tradition.

Homework With a Purpose

One of the most interesting aspects of the class involves students asking their parents about the businesses’ growth and goals, and about their own eventual roles. The interviews done by this first cohort generated some surprising answers, which are included in the article Family Business, Amplified, in the Spring 2019 issue of Babson Magazine.

Approximately one-half of Babson undergrads are from families that have started businesses. So, it’s no surprise that another undergraduate cohort will be added for the 2019–2020 academic year, in addition to an MBA cohort. Both will amplify a lot more needed conversations.

The Amplifier is generously funded by Richard J. Snyder ’60, H’94, P’93 ’01 and Marilyn B. Snyder MBA’80, P’93.

Photo by Paige Wolf

Read all about the Family Entrepreneurship Amplifier program in Babson Magazine.

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