Seeking a Babson Alumni-Founded Business? Look to Babson Street

Babson Street

Chances are you’ve come across a Babson alumni-founded business in your lifetime.

Maybe it was the video doorbell at your best friend’s house. Or, your favorite ice cream shop downtown. Or, the awesome product you saw pitched on “Shark Tank.”

Babson alumni-led businesses are everywhere. You just have to know where to look.

Enter: Babson Street.

Featuring everything from apparel and fashion, beverages, eCommerce sites, restaurants, luxury hotels, and more, Babson Street is the College’s marketplace of alumni-founded businesses. Each business listing includes the Babson affiliation, a link to the business website, and whether they offer a Babson discount. Discounts can be accessed in the password-protected alumni directory.

The response has been outstanding. Now, there are more than 250 listed businesses—including 70 women-led businesses and more than 50 family businesses—with more than 130 discounts available for Babson alumni.

Babson Street is just one of the many ways the Alumni and Friends team is giving back to Babson’s 42,000+ global alumni community.

“We’ve been trying very hard to do more for our alumni,” says Gerri Randlett, managing director of Babson’s Alumni and Friends Network. “We ask them to host events, or come speak in a classroom, but want to provide more resources, especially for those who don’t live locally. What better way to help them than to promote their business?”

Sianna Elisa ’18, founded her unique women’s fashion company, FÀNDÉ, in 2018, and she enjoys being a part of the support system of Babson-built businesses.

“Babson Street provided an opportunity for me to reflect on all that I learned about business at Babson, and to share how I applied that knowledge when starting my own business,” Elisa says. “It was also great to see all the other Babson alumni and what they are doing. I can’t think of a better forum to share ideas and support success.”

Danielle Harris MBA’18 appreciates the support. She founded Little Blooms, a floral design company, in early 2019 and is excited for the opportunity to spread the word about her venture.

“When I decided to go to Babson for my MBA, I wanted to be a part of a community of intelligent, creative, and innovative people that would help me for the rest of my life,” she says. “With my business being a part of Babson Street, I will always be a part of the Babson community. I know that this gives me opportunities to grow my business, continue learning new things, and find ways to make my business better and more successful. I love that Babson fully supports all its entrepreneurs no matter the industry.”

Cheska Mauban ’15, who prepares gluten-free and vegan pizza options at her restaurant in New York, Cheska’s Pizza, already has benefited from the support of Babson alumni.

“Participating on Babson Street gives our small business the additional visibility it needs in an increasingly competitive landscape,” she says. “Having the support of Babson alumni, be it through mentorship, resources, or visiting us in NYC, it’s all worth it. We actually have Babson alumni and current students drop by weekly!”

Alumni interested in adding their business to Babson Street should complete the “Add My Business” form.

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