33 Reasons to Give to Babson

Two Babson students hold up three fingers each, signifying the number 33

Today marks 33 days until the end of Babson College’s fiscal year on June 30. This year, the College set a goal of 33% alumni donor participation—an important metric when it comes to college rankings.

More than ever, colleges rely on private gifts for revenue. As critical as those dollars are, the act of simply making a donation helps, too. College rankings are influenced by the percentage of alumni who make a financial contribution. Babson’s No. 1 ranking impacts our reputation, making alumni degrees more valuable, while also helping Babson enroll more students. A gift, no matter the size, has a ripple effect that translates directly into increased funding for Babson.

Here, we offer 33 reasons to make a gift before June 30, and all the ways alumni support helps Babson thrive.

By giving to Babson College by June 30, 2021, alumni can:

  1. Support the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. The need for tuition assistance rises each year and is expected to grow due to the financial toll the pandemic has taken on families. Through donor support, Babson is able to meet 100 percent of the demonstrated need for U.S. undergraduate students.
  2. Bolster Babson’s reputation. Alumni participation is a key metric that significantly impacts college rankings and helps maintain Babson’s status as the No.1 school for entrepreneurship in the nation. Every financial contribution by an alum—no matter how big or small—counts.
  3. Bring a global perspective to campus. The Babson Global Scholars program has educated 80 students from more than 40 countries on full-tuition scholarships, largely made possible from individual philanthropy.
  4. Show love for a favorite faculty member who became a mentor and friend.
  5. Lend a helping hand to struggling students. Established in the initial days of the pandemic, the Emergency Fund has provided $300,000 in aid to more than 300 students affected by the crisis to help cover unanticipated costs for everything from meals to books to flights.
  6. Inspire others to give. If Babson reaches 33% alumni participation in giving by June 30, 2021, the Trustees will donate an additional $33,000 to the College.
  7. Push the frontiers of entrepreneurship knowledge. Alumni giving helps support student and faculty research.
  8. Strive to make Babson more inclusive. Alumni donations impact programming such as heritage month observances and celebrations, which amplify the voices of underrepresented populations and educate the larger community.
  9. Keep the Babson Players and Dance Ensemble on the stage. Donor support funds costumes, set design, and copyright licenses for annual performances.
  10. Make their donation go further. Between now and June 30, affinity groups—such as the Posse Scholars, eTower, Theta Chi, Glavin Global Fellows, and Babson Honors Program—that receive 33 new donations will receive an additional $3,300 from an alumni challenge gift.
  11. Honor a classmate or teammate who made their Babson experience memorable.

    Support The Fund for Babson: Make a gift by June 30.

  12. Team up on behalf of student-athletes. Individual donations support Babson’s athletics programs in everything from making technology enhancements to renovating the baseball field to providing on-court coaching, access to a sports psychology group and team trips.
  13. Support free career resources for alumni, including career webinars, virtual career counseling appointments, and more.
  14. Create additional paid student internships and fellowships, which in turn offer students the opportunity to build credentials and connections for their future careers.
  15. Provide career-service opportunities for students by sponsoring company treks.
  16. Develop wellness programs and activities. Alumni donations help to expand COVID-19 mental health resources and fund educational programs and campaigns designed by students to raise awareness on a variety of wellness topics, including sexual assault, alcohol and drug use, and more.
  17. Nourish creative work and encourage the exploration of entrepreneurship in the arts. Alumni donations help enhance curricular offerings in the arts, performances, exhibitions, films, and conversations—providing opportunities to learn, showcase work, and be entertained.
  18. Offer educational, social, and professional programs for our alumni community around the world.
  19. Help Babson remain at the top of entrepreneurship education. Financial support from alumni allows Babson to recruit outstanding faculty.
  20. Extend the benefits of a college education to new families. Philanthropy allows Babson to offer a new scholarships for first-generation students.
  21. Bring unique student learning experiences into the curriculum. For example, philanthropy supports Management Consulting Field Experience, a program that connects Boston-area organizations with students who work as consultants to address a current business challenge.
  22. Fund study-abroad programs. Students are trained to think and act effectively and appropriately in intercultural contexts through education abroad programs offered through the Glavin Office of International Education.

    Support The Fund for Babson: Make a gift by June 30.

  23. Champion student-driven solutions. Donations support programs such as Peers On Wellness (POW)—student advocates who elevate student wellness as a priority for the undergraduate population and promote health, balance, and well-being through programming, education, and leadership.
  24. Engage students in making a positive social impact. Babson students partner with local nonprofits to tutor and mentor youth, prepare income taxes, serve meals, ensure that all children have what they need to be successful in school and life, and undertake other projects in under-resourced communities.
  25. Immerse students in growing their civic engagement, leadership skills, and cultural empathy. Philanthropy funds intensive service trips, on which student volunteers build homes and teach entrepreneurship in communities around the world.
  26. Assist student organizations and clubs in executing large-scale events. Giving helps support TEDxBabsonCollege, the Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum, and other student-driven events that attract national and international corporations, industry experts, and students from around the world.
  27. Inspire big ideas and breakthroughs through innovative spaces, such as Design Zone 125—an untraditional classroom that supports collaboration, creative thinking, and project-based learning—and Weissman Foundry—an entrepreneurial think tank, artist’s studio, performance space, media lab, and wood shop all in one.
  28. Carry on an incredible tradition of philanthropy at Babson, including transformative gifts such as the one from The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation.
  29. Foster collaboration in solving important social and economic problems. Giving supports the Babson FutureLab on Mobility, a collaboration between Babson College and the Toyota Mobility Foundation that addresses the need to provide usable, relevant, accessible mobility solutions for people with diverse needs and across all life stages.
  30. Fill in the tuition gap. Tuition covers only about 70% of the full cost of a Babson education; the remainder is made possible by philanthropic gifts.
  31. Have an immediate impact. Your gift will support current programs and initiatives.
  32. Increase external funding for all of the above. Some corporations and foundations make funding decisions based in part on alumni participation rates, so, again, every gift by an alum counts.
  33. Show their love for their alma mater.

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