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Gail Simmons on Creating a Career

Gail Simmons

“What is food but a huge window into every culture in the world?” That is the kind of rhetorical question an anthropologist might ask, so it makes sense coming from Gail Simmons, who studied anthropology in college before embarking on a career that has taken her around the world, bite by bite. In some ways,…

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Investing in Women: A Conversation with Tory Burch

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is celebrating a big birthday—this year, her brand turned 10 years old. The doors to the first Tory Burch store opened in February 2004, albeit without the store’s actual doors, which didn’t arrive in time for opening day. Burch was afraid that like the doors, shoppers wouldn’t show up, but by 6 p.m.…

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Business Takes Center Stage

Art and Business

“We don’t exist to make money.” That’s the message Jill Medvedow, director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, shared with a group of arts enthusiasts and business students on a recent afternoon. “Our core business is not our balance sheet,” she expands, “it’s just a means to an end.” Make no mistake: there is a…

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From Battlefield to Boss

military entrepreneurs

After more than 10 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the statistics and figures are staggering. Taxpayers have spent trillions. One million U.S. veterans have been injured, and 2.5 million Afghans are refugees. But not all of these statistics are sobering: in cities and towns across the country, today more than 2.4 million small…

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Writing the Book on Creating Social Value

Creating Social Value

When Cheryl Kiser began teaching a graduate course called Social Value Creation Matters three years ago, neither she nor her students could have predicted that their classroom discussions were laying the groundwork for a book. Kiser, the executive director of The Lewis Institute and Babson Social Innovation Lab, brought executives from both large and small…

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Running a Business Rooted in Mission

Running a Business Rooted in Mission

It’s 6:30 a.m. The phone rings: one of Jon Feinman’s students is ready to be picked up, signaling the start of the work day. The 31–year-old founder and executive director of InnerCity Weightlifting leaves home and drives into the heart of Boston’s roughest neighborhoods, where he’ll spend the next hour picking up young men and…

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Athletes, Entrepreneurs, and the Competitive Drive

Athletes Entrepreneurs Competitive Drive

During the Sochi Olympics, more than 1,300 gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded to athletes from around the world. Closer to home, runners layered in winter gear diligently grind out long runs and practice hills in anticipation of the Boston Marathon in April. And, in accelerator conference rooms and campus lecture halls, entrepreneurs polish…

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A New Definition of Success

As a newly minted college graduate, Kelly Murphy Greeley had a plan. Her first years out of undergrad found her working at an investment firm, and later, moving to a consulting firm. By her own account, Greeley “really felt like I was on my way.” But, losing a dear aunt to cancer helped Greeley realize…

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Hanging in the Balance with Sophia Chang

Sophia Chang

On any given day, Sophia Chang could be producing a fashion show for Bravo’s “Project Runway All Stars” or promoting a concert for Q-Tip. Find her side by side with GZA from the Wu-Tang Clan running Science Genius, a program that uses rap as a tool to get New York City high schoolers excited about…

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Mentors: An Entrepreneur’s Most Valuable Player

Mentor Mentee

Ask entrepreneurs to describe their mentors and you’ll hear the words adviser, advocate, backer, believer, consultant, coach, confessor, critic, cheerleader … straight through the alphabet to zealot. While much is made of the critical importance of finding a mentor, the term can seem as broad as the spectrum of human relationships. “In the best case,…

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