Author: Kate Sitarz

Beyond the Buzzword: Why Your Business Needs Design Thinking

Design Thinking

First things first: Design thinking isn’t the same thing as design. Rather, design thinking is “both an effective problem-solving approach and a mindset,” explains Sebastian Fixson, Babson College associate professor and design thinking researcher. And, for companies using design thinking, it’s much more than a buzzword—it’s an effective path to innovation. Design Thinking as a Problem-Solving…

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Tackling Sustainability Goals with Social Innovation in Liberia

Smart Liberia

Around the world, one in nine people are undernourished. It’s not just a hunger problem we face, but getting the right foods that provide necessary nutrients. Poor nutrition causes 45 percent of deaths in children younger than 5—every year. It’s why the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals includes targets to end hunger in the next…

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