News, Notes, and Nods: In Memoriam

In Memoriam
Babson Magazine

Winter 2020–2021

Salvatore B. Simeone ’48, P’90, of Weston, Massachusetts, August 18

Douglas P. Wolfe ’49, of Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania, August 22

Philip D. Jennison ’51, of San Francisco, California, October 19

Albert John Kurtz ’51, of Exeter, New Hampshire, July 8

James Cray Meade ’51, of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, August 3

Allen Steiger ’51, of Longmeadow, Massachusetts, August 8

James L. Dunbar Sr. ’52, of Hunt Valley, Maryland, June 9

Peter H. Hibbard ’53, of White Plains, New York, April 25

C. Richard Harrison ’55, P’78, G’07 ’07, of Wayland, Massachusetts, June 7

Donald W. Bolster ’56, of Warren, Rhode Island, July 7

Wendell Ronald Grolljahn ’57, of Weare, New Hampshire, June 25

Michael Avery Poler ’57, of Norwalk, Connecticut, July 1

Ronald Nelson ’58, of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, June 19

Neil Winfield Childs ’60, of Fernandina Beach, Florida, February 18

Robert C. Smith Jr. ’61, of Farmington Hills, Michigan, June 15

Retired Col. Herald Vincent Echols MBA’64, of Hermiston, Oregon, August 4

Windle Beecher Priem MBA’64, of Palm Beach, Florida, August 7

Stuart W. Lawson MBA’65, of Westport, Connecticut, May 27

Retired Col. William Lloyd Norman MBA’67, of Springfield, Virginia, April 8

Lewis Cobrain Cohen ’69, of Brookline, Massachusetts, August 13

Daniel J. Steele ’69, of Saint Augustine, Florida, April 18

Michael A. Iwanowicz MBA’69, of Norwood, Massachusetts, June 28

Peter White Holland ’71, of Nashua, New Hampshire, July 20

James Edward Grady MBA’71, of Las Vegas, Nevada, July 17

Ricardo B. Simonelli MBA’72, of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, May 16

David M. Collins MBA’73, of Framingham, Massachusetts, August 19

Paul H. Goldstein MBA’73, of Norwood, Massachusetts, November 2, 2019

William C. Olsson ’74, of Exeter, New Hampshire, July 30

Timothy O. Todd MBA’74, of Stevenson, Washington, June 5

Raymond George Peterson II ’76, of Buffalo, New York, June 5

Gary Paul Lee ’77, of Northwood, New Hampshire, August 7

Patricia Ann Riley MBA’77, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, September 17

Anne E. Schneider MBA’77, of Worcester, Massachusetts, July 2

Lois Ann Johnson ’78, of North Woodstock, New Hampshire, October 11

Nathan Mark Ellis MBA’80, of Kennebunkport, Maine, June 2

Robert S. Bigelow MBA’83, of Winchester, Massachusetts, August 18

Retired Col. Gary E. Payne MBA’83, of Apollo Beach, Florida, August 12

Deirdre Drew Russell MBA’84, of Bedford, Massachusetts, August 7

Susan R. Kuder MBA’85, of Watertown, Massachusetts, July 22

Jeffrey S. Reddy ’87, of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, May 27

Matthew Jay Mogol ’96, of Sag Harbor, New York, July 20

Mara S. Potter MBA’13, of Medway, Massachusetts, July 2

Sudeeksha Bhati ’22, of Pradesh, India, August 10

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