Babson’s MSEL Degree: A Decade of Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

Gabe Skelton MSEL'18, Monica Leal Crombe MSEL'16, and Patrick Scanlon MSEL'23 represent a decade of entrepreneurs shaped by Babson's MSEL degree.

When Patrick Scanlon MSEL’23 signed up for Babson’s rigorous nine-month graduate degree in entrepreneurial leadership, he knew he’d be boosting his leadership skills and his career. 

What he didn’t expect were the other benefits—the comradery, the networking, the deep diversity in viewpoints, and hands-on experience that allowed him to land his dream job only two days after graduation. 

Scanlon is not alone. Since its inception 10 years ago, the College’s Master of Science in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership (MSEL) program has become a springboard for professionals seeking to carve their niche in the entrepreneurial landscape.  

Monica Leal Crombe MSEL’16 took note of the degree almost as soon as Babson began offering it. 

“The MSEL program stood out as an exceptional opportunity tailored to recent undergraduates eager to embark on their graduate studies,” Crombe said. Before coming to Babson, Crombe realized she wanted to do something bigger with her life, but she didn’t know exactly where to start. 

“MSEL promised not just a degree, but a comprehensive experience designed to equip young professionals like myself with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the business world,” Crombe said. “By coming here to the MSEL program I got to know my strengths and other parts of myself that I didn’t even know I had.” 

Hands-On Experience 

It was the experiential learning aspect of the MSEL degree that was key for Scanlon, a strategic projects manager at Inclusive Fitness. The premier gym, created by another Babson alumnus Greg Austin MBA’01, focuses on providing adaptive fitness for neurodivergent people. 

Patrick Scanlon MSEL’23 landed his dream job only two days after he got his MSEL degree.

As part of the MSEL degree, Scanlon needed to consult for a local company, and one business clearly jumped out. 

“When I saw Inclusive Fitness in the client list, I could not help but get excited. Prior to the MSEL program, I had worked in the fitness industry,” Scanlon said. 

In addition to workplace experience, the MSEL program’s Leading Entrepreneurial Action Project, or LEAP, teaches students to be entrepreneurial problem solvers while creating ventures of their own. 

That skill set helped Gabriel Skelton MSEL’18 rise from account executive to the head of sales at OpenBots, a generative AI company that’s able to convert documents into usable data in seconds. 

“It worked out well because it’s a results-based, meritocratic role, which is precisely what Babson prepared me for,” Skelton said. “I genuinely love what I do, which I did not think would be possible so early on in my career.” 

Crombe, who works as a sales director at the weather-focused site, still fondly remembers brainstorming solutions to real-world problems during her LEAP class.  

“Babson’s MSEL program immersed me in a global team environment, revealing the deep complexity and value of diversity in teamwork. It helped me enhance both my soft and technical skills, far beyond typical assignments,” Crombe said.  

“This experience was essentially a boot camp for the real business world, teaching me to collaborate effectively with anyone, regardless of their role, background, or culture. Flexibility, empathy, and understanding became some of my tools for navigating and building a successful career,” she added. 

Instantly Captivated 

As the MSEL degree nears its first decade, Scanlon said he expects the value of his degree to keep growing. He already has noticed its impact extends beyond the classroom, resonating positively with employers and alumni alike.  

“When people hear the words ‘Entrepreneurial Leadership’ in a graduate degree, they are instantly captivated by the title,” Scanlon said. “Going through the program and being able to back up that discipline through my expertise has been a foundational component into progressing in my professional career.” 

Post graduation, the Babson alumni network has served as a cornerstone for graduates like Scanlon, Crombe, and Skelton, offering invaluable connections and opportunities. Skelton, reflecting on his experience, expressed admiration for the program’s faculty and the enduring bonds forged with fellow students. 

As Director of Sales at, Crombe leverages her MSEL education to drive sales and collaborate with clients worldwide.  

“MSEL’s focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and practical application of business concepts has provided me with a solid foundation to approach complex challenges creatively and effectively.”
Monica Leal Crombe MSEL’16

“MSEL’s focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and practical application of business concepts has provided me with a solid foundation to approach complex challenges creatively and effectively,” she explained. Crombe’s success underscores the enduring legacy of excellence and innovation within the Babson community. 

As Babson’s MSEL program continues to empower professionals like Scanlon, Skelton, and Crombe, it reaffirms its position as a premier institution for entrepreneurial leadership. Through experiential learning, global engagement, and a vibrant community, the degree is on track to train graduates to thrive in the dynamic and competitive business landscape for decades to come. 

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