Babson College Enhances Mental Health Resources Through New Partnership

Hollister Hall, home of Babson College Health Services

For so many students, college is a time to grow personally and professionally.

Yet, everyone reacts to the challenges and stress points that come with earning a degree differently, notwithstanding those brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. And, as the ambiguous situation continues to evolve, Babson College has adapted its approach to best fit the needs of students.

New for this academic year, the College has joined virtual hands with Christie Campus Health to offer a clinical support phone line 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as a bevy of additional wellness services that come along with the partnership.

“It’s important to be able to find free, confidential services, just to help students navigate life,” said Ryan Travia, associate vice president for student success at Babson.

Impact on Mental Health

In a 2020 study of a large public university, 71% of students reported increased stress and anxiety because of the pandemic. One of the ways that students have coped, the study states, has been through support from others.

With the Christie Campus Health partnership, Babson students also have access to telehealth and face-to-face visits with licensed providers, as well as self-directed online training that helps with coping skills.

“The College has been long focused on supporting student mental health and emotional well-being,” Travia said. “Christie Campus Health is providing us that very opportunity to expand our services globally and support our Babson students around the world.”

Christie Campus Health CEO Kate Begley added, “Christie’s wrap-around services will help meet the mental health demands of (Babson) students and, most importantly, provide a continuum of care that connects with students when and where they need it most.”

Supporting The Students

Travia, whose extensive research on student well-being has appeared in publications such as the Journal of American College Health and through the American College Health Foundation, has provided leadership and strategic direction over Babson’s counseling and psychological services, its COVID-19 Testing Center, Student Advising & Success, Wellness & Prevention Services, and much more.

All undergraduate and graduate students seeking counseling can continue to book appointments with Counseling and Psychological Services. The department is currently offering teletherapy sessions for all students who live in Massachusetts, and clinicians are available for consultations and direction to appropriate resources for students who live out of state.

Every Babson College undergraduate student also is assigned a student success advisor who is able to assist in navigating academic and personal journeys at Babson.

“In order to do well,” Travia says, “you must be well.”

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