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Winter 2014

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Women in the C-Suite

Resilience and self-confidence—two characteristics Susan Elliott learned as a child who moved to new regions of the country twice during her school years.

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Jumping Into the Food Fray

A popular homemade snack. A favorite family recipe. A void in the fill-in-the-blank market crying out to be satiated. Interesting ideas for original food products are in no short supply. Each year, more than 20,000 new items reach grocery store …

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Stop Along the Way

Artist Peter Hussey, MBA’77, is quick to point out he’s a frustrated architect who’s also fascinated with New England architecture and American art. His watercolors bring those interests together through the details and play of light around … Has related slideshow

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Small Talk With Jenny Aguayo

Spend time in Olin Hall and you’ll inevitably make the acquaintance of Jenny Aguayo or, as the students call her, Jenny from the Bronx. “How you doing, baby?” she’ll ask from her perch at the cafe’s cash register. A former denizen of Puerto Rico …

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An Irish Poet in America

For several months, Mary O’Donoghue had worked on the novella, the words growing day by day. Then, something happened. In a moment of clumsiness, she accidentally deleted the document from the computer. Just like that, 10,000 hard-earned words …

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Shakespeare Comes to Campus

Every summer, the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company brings the Bard to life on Boston Common. Some 100,000 people come to see the company’s free performances out in the open air. “Our mission is to make the plays vibrant to contemporary … Has related video

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The Arts in the Classroom

As the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company settles in on campus, Beth Wynstra is settling into her new role as well. The visiting assistant professor of English was named the faculty director of the Sorenson Center for the Arts. Working closely …

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Let’s Fly with Two Wings

In my previous career as a politician, I took for granted that most of my peers would be men. State legislatures continue to hover around 75 percent male membership; Congress, even after a “banner year,” stands at a woefully imbalanced 80 …

News, Notes + Nods

Wondering what your classmates have been up to? Come catch up!

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Diving Deep into Memories

In the recent Hollister exhibit “Technologies of Memory,” students displayed work created for the new course “Memory and Forgetting,” which was developed by Sandra Graham for the revised first-year foundation curriculum in arts, history, and …

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The Skills to Succeed

Even as a child, Daquan Oliver ’14 knew his mom worked hard and made sacrifices so they could live in a community with a strong school system. “We moved to Mount Vernon, N.Y., and I attended New Rochelle High School,” he says. Oliver also knew …

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Scoring On and Off the Field

Morgan Lockwood ’14 knew she wanted to study business and play field hockey in college, but little did she know what would transpire during her four-year career at Babson. In addition to becoming the 30-year-old program’s all-time leading goal …